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11-20-2013, 06:34 PM
Hey! Great job you guys did!
AC4 is way better than AC3

-Still I wanna report that the game in MP crashes from time to time. (Directx maybe?)
(And yes I updated all drivers.)
- The MP interface has improved a lot; Finally ability to NOT HAVING TO ENTER A GAMETYPE WE DONT WANT.
Still: You gotta be fast; One has about 1(!) second to press backspace NOT to enter an other session.
I suggest you make that time 5 seconds or so, with a visible counter.
Also, why not add a button: "Create new session", and let us wait for others to join?
AND: Still no idea of how many potential players online, how many sessions OF MY TYPE OF GAMEPLAY there are online... Sigh...
- Locking on feels more different than AC3; but that can be because of not used yet.
- I found myself in a few games "assasinate", without halo radar at first; On both occasions I got killed almost immediatly by an enemy...
Which is weird! Very weird.
- One guy already has rank 86! (This morning, EST time, after the game only supposed to be out; Well just a very, very good player I suppose...
- I would like to have seen bit more explanation in the training about the changes related to stun, smoke effect, and other major gameplay changes implemented.
(Being stunned feels the same as being killed now... And the enemy can't kill you anymore...?)
- From time to time there is very annoying stutter; game stops for a few moments and then continues. But then you may as well be killed already.
- On a few occasions my character just swayed his sword next to the enemy I locked (completely clean!). At second attempt he got me locked, resulting in half points...
- There seems to be interference with joysticks. Had to plug it out, to be able to play.
- How about the "NAT" thing? Can't find it in any menu anymore to try yo improve it...
- In one instant, I joined an "assasinate" session, it loaded, and we ended up in a "teamdeathmatch" session; weird...

All and all, the gameplay feels much more balanced now. The stealth approach aspect is clearly way more important. Which is what this game should be about.
Less "COD with knives" feeling now! Fortunally!
Thanks! Great game so far!

11-20-2013, 06:46 PM
Did they add those horrible online achievements again? I like achievements single player only as it gives me more replay value, but if I can't hit 100% my interest in a second play through is gone.