View Full Version : Uncharted Collectibles (Black Flag)

11-20-2013, 06:42 AM
As someone who is trying for 100% completion, am I the only one who finds the "uncharted" chests and animus fragments to be a completely useless, boring time sink? Unless I am missing an easier way to collect them (without leaving the ship or something), they are the one thing in this game that I actually dread. They're not the kind of sink that makes me want to play a few extra weeks just to get them all, but the kind that I have to force myself to do after completing everything else. I used to enjoy collecting things in AC, because in previous titles some of them were well-hidden and even challenging, but the "challege" here is in the time I have to sail to a little island in the middle of nowhere, jump off, get to the fragment (which is normally a stupid "jump off a rock"--not a challenge, just an extra step) or chest, and then BACK to the ship to sail onward to the next pointless island.

A few scattered islands with treasure could have been fun, but with 46 chests and 30 fragments, I feel that I could have played through the main story a second time in the time it will take me to catch 'em all. I kind of enjoyed getting 100% in all "charted" locations, but I think leaving it there would have been a pretty decent amount of running and collecting.

Maybe I'm alone, but here's to keeping the open-world chests/fragments to a reasonable number in the next AC title.

11-22-2013, 06:42 PM
I felt the same way too. An unimaginable waste of valuable game play. I would have preferred fewer fragments but more challenges to collect them

11-22-2013, 06:46 PM
I enjoyed them, but not at first. I figured if I "map" my way around each area, going from a Fragment to a ship to do battle to a regular chest, and then to do some whaling it doesn't seem as tedious. What happens along the way improves getting their, in my opinion.

When I started and would just go get the chests and Fragments in each area, I would find it annoying though.