View Full Version : PS3 to PC play.... such a relief!

11-19-2013, 08:58 PM
I was playing AC4 for 2 weeks now on the PS3, only because the PC version hadn't came out yet; I am a PC player, thus keyboard / mouse combo is my thing.
Today I played the PC version and ... OMG ... was this such A RELIEF!!

I can now aim my pistol / rifle PERFECT, freerun the right direction instead of freerunning into objects I don't want to climb or jump from and no more looking at the sky / ground / left / right side while running because I just can't get used to that lousy thumb sticks those console controllers have! In the first ship battle I destroyed ALL ships in a personal record time while on the PS3 I destroyed precisely one lousy ship because I was more fighting with the controller than with that Spanish armada!
OMG, such a relief this is... now I can downgrade my PS3 again for the Bluray player it's been... only wish GTA5 was already on the PC and it's bye bye PS3 again! Such a lousy and frustrating way to play games! Only thing I miss now is that I can't play on my 50" plasma anymore but on a mere 24" LCD! ;) (IT'S WORTH IT!)

But what a far superiour graphics got the PC version! No more anti-aliasing lines, greater detail, better sound... it's just fantastic altogether! With my setup I get a steady 60FPS with everything on highest detail mode.

Had to do one reload though; I got stuck in some big tree on that first island... ;)