View Full Version : Looking for people for private wolfpack (xbox)

11-19-2013, 08:24 PM
Beat it on standard last night by myself. Currently working on difficult. Its pretty easy at that level. Looking to try with some others. No mic but i can hear and i always lock my targets. If others do the same should work well. Always call your target if you have a mic and go for qualiy kills. Send me invites if interested. Xbox360: redka243.

Also, if anyone has strategies for the chest defense and plague waves or can explain the "chain kills" extra objective id appreciate it. It doesnt seem to be the same as multi-kills...

Some general tips:
Acrobatic kills = hanging from a ledge vs acrobatic kills = standing on a ledge above a target.
Disguise makes you harder to detect by marks, very useful

im quite curious to hear what others are doing in this mode and what abilities and perks you are using

Edit: oops put this in the wrong forum. Mod please move it to multiplayer section.