View Full Version : Ubisoft, you really aren't trying this too, are you?

11-19-2013, 07:25 PM
Every time I try and click on the sticky above in regards to uplay pass with AC4, my browser shuts down and I really need to see what it says before I....loose my temper, lets say. I would appreciate some help and exactly what it says.
What I am running into right now, and some of you may have experienced this, is part of the single player campaign is off limits without the uplay pass. Actually, I lent the game to my brother and because he borrowed it from me, the uplay pass that came with the game is no longer valid and unless he buys a new one, there is an entire section of the SINGLE PLAYER he can not access. WTF is that??? Just thinking about it really pisses me off.
So, basically what Ubisofty is saying is that, yes you can lend the game, but unless the borrower (family or not-we don't care) pays US MORE MONEY, they will NOT be able to enjoy the full experience of even the single player. Talk about making me wanna say, "kiss my...." And what about those who do not have their console hooked up on-line. Guess they're just screwed too, regardless of whether they bought new, used or borrowed it. (Over 70 million 360's sold, only 48 million live member-they just screwed about 20 million or so people).
Now I hope this isn't true, that somewhere on that thread above is a fix for this as UbiSoft has realized its mistake. However, if they have not this will be the very last game I EVER purchase form UbiSoft. With the pi** poor character controls that are rampant throughout almost all UbiSoft games I have played over the last several years (how many times does your character run off in some random direction or you break a defense only to have your character immediately turn and start fighting someone else? - admit it, Ubi has a problem when it comes to being able to control your character, and this time its even worse), a camera that is often looking in such a way that I can't see what I am actually fighting/doing and unable to change it at that time, plus games that are full of glitches (they ever fix the briggs mission in SC BL? - had a red dot on AC4 from an assassination contract that would not go away-went to that island 4 different times, killed everyone yet still the red kill labeled dot remained, not to mention the glitches I had in Revelations and brotherhood), plus now the inability of family and friends to be able to enjoy the game, even the single player, to its fullest extent without paying additional fees............Well if this is the case Ubi- You can just go..............I will never buy another Ubi game again.
I am really hoping I am wrong here. Though there games are often problematic, they have great concepts and stories and so forth, that make it worth enduring. But, that last step is just one step too far. It's like lending a cd to a friend but the last 30 seconds of every song are cut-off because they aren't the original purchaser. Have they learned nothing from MS and EA?? I, and, many others will not purchase an X1 or any EA game. Does Ubisodt really want to be lumped in with them?

11-19-2013, 07:42 PM
I thought they just eradicated the Uplay pass for need of the fleet system...

11-19-2013, 07:43 PM
They made the uPlay Pass free, but they will eventually patch it out.

11-19-2013, 09:30 PM
Download the Uplay Passport as if you were going to buy it - via "buy it option" on the main menu, its about 108,kb in size, and you will see that is appear as free. Download it and enjoy.

11-20-2013, 07:37 PM
Thanks for the reply and info, guys. I knew Ubi had to be smarter than that. Multiplayer, I can almost understand limiting that to new purchasers only unless additional fees are paid (except for maybe family members) because that takes server room, bandwidth and so forth and those have to be paid for by someone and if those are being provided by the dev/pub, I can almost understand that (however that will be mute with the next-gen, especially with the X1 where MS is providing the servers and such and being that, if you are an XBL member, you are paying them for those servers, then the dev/pub should have no say in that either as they are then not footing the bill for the needed equipment to service multiplayer). But a single player game, where the only resources being used are my own.......I just don't see how they thought they could justify it to begin with. Again, thanks for the info. I will tell my brother tonight when he gets off work. Now, they just need to fix the sticky so it doesn't shut the browser down - lol.