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11-19-2013, 03:27 PM
I'll go straight to the point here:

Well, according the Uplay store page, the release date for this game is supposed to be 21st (as browsed from my location);
http://i.imgur.com/WlKs5hq.jpg (http://imgur.com/WlKs5hq)

however, as displayed on steam store page, the release AC4 on steam is 29th in our regions.
http://i.imgur.com/PLBpZUX.jpg (http://imgur.com/PLBpZUX)

Many other people are also having the same problem as discussed on Steam message board:




Why release on 29th November?

On the main Steam page under "coming soon", game release date is 19th November, but Store page says 29th November. Which one is correct?

BTW I am from Singapore.

It seems nowhere online does it say release is on 29th November (Wikipedia used to say this until last week) except my (and some others') Steam release counter.

I sent an email to Steam asking for the confirmation and this is what I got from them:

The release date is determined by the region where you are physically located and is not tied to the version of the game you purchased. The publisher or developer of the title determines the release date for their games.

So, why is there a different release date between steam and uplay?

To be honest, the game has been leaked all over the net for like 3 days now, and we, as customers, have to wait till 29th nov for the game to be released is totally unfair. All other countries are going to get the game on 19th - 22nd; why do we have to wait till 29th? Is this how Ubisoft going to fight piracy in our regions? If so, they are doing a terrible work. I wouldn't be this mad if there weren't a same issue with another ubi's game last time; some of you might still remember the problem we had with Splinter Cell Blacklist (details here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1l1u66/steam_version_of_splinter_cell_blacklist/ )

I hope that this time we will get an official word on this matter.


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