View Full Version : Assasin Creed Black Flag: Ps3 SaveGame fault/issue

11-18-2013, 09:47 PM

I had a problem when I was about to playing Assassin Creed Black Flag. The problem that suddenly appeared to my savegame was that All of my earlier found chests, animusfragments and all other collectebles like that who I did collected at a certain moment were about too respawn on the entire map again, but in return of that issue I also suddenly did lost all of the collected money and treasure maps of it. I did not know why this happened because my main campaign progress from the same moment didn't lost either.

I just had collected a few treasure maps and 30k gold in 4 hours playing. At that same time I had completed the game from sequence 2 until sequence 3 or so but then I clicked on the button to left the animus and a loadscreen appeared as usual, but at that point the game didn't go back to the big office because the game returned to my main campain progress after being restored from the loadscreen. The result of it was that all of my collectebles were suddenly gone out of my inventory like I said. Wierd or not?

Specified details; like I said, at that moment I did just played the game from sequence 2 until 3 without blasting off the game, so I continues played in a full block of 4 hours playing until I tried to left the animus.

How is that being possible... any awnsers?.

I own the special edtion of Assassin Creed Black Flag without the DLC, I did buyed all of the extra DLC items from the PSN store, I do not own the season pass. This problem accored to my Playstation 3 system. It's about the EU version of this game.