View Full Version : Using "Town Unlock" and "Hero Unlock" Items and Mercenary

11-18-2013, 04:11 PM
If I use one of these "unlock" items, what happens to the timer? Is it reset to zero (i.e., 35), does the timer increase by 35, or does it not affect the timer? It just says "before the timer expires" in the description of the items. Also, if I use one of the "Mercenary" heroes, does this count as one of the "heroes" I may have, or does that not affect my timer at all?


P.S. Should I put in a ticket to get a definite answer, or is here the correct place to post?

11-18-2013, 07:59 PM
unlock heroe und unlock town does not affect the timer for the next heroe - that means, if you have to wait 20 days for your 4th and 55 days for your 5th heroe, and you use the item, you have to wait for the 5th heroe 55 days like before
or if you use 5 such items, you never get again a free hero slot on this world

but there is a good news: if you unlock a town before the time, and build a town, and give a town as a gift to another player, you don't need to unlock the town again by an item;

if you buy a mercenary or so this hero is one of your usable hero slots; I never bought some but if I have the full amount of heroes and go on the hero items I get the message that I cannot use such items because I'm full with heroes