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11-18-2013, 04:48 AM
So these are just my thoughts on Black Flag.


I feel like Ubi was just trying to appeal to the masses, and didn't stay true to what the series was before it was seriously popular. Like I felt there was way too much pirating and very little Assassin. Yes the assassination missions were stealth-oriented, however he didn't kill the templars because they were templars, it was because they had info he wanted. Only towards the end, the WAY end did he finally ally himself with Assassins, not formally inducted (currently I'm at the last mission to kill Tiered, and Edward hasnt been inducted, just told that he is friends with the order.)

I thought there are way too many restricted areas, its nearly impossible to go anywhere without going in a restricted area and triggering conflict, which is another point of mine, the guards have gotten a lot smarter than previous games, like sometimes conflict happens almost immediately. It makes everything a little more challenging, which I liked to an extend, b/c the last two games, it was way too easy, but now I can get through a single mission stealthily.

I loved the templar hunts, I did all of them by the end of sequence 4, I loved meeting all of the different Assassins, and killing Templars. But sadly, Edward still did it out of personal gain.

Edward was a good character, I actually loved playing as him, not a good protagonist for ASSASSINS Creed, IMO. I think playing as James Kidd or Adè would have made a much better game, which ended with Edward being inducted, and Edward getting a spin off or the sequel.

I would like to see Edward in the future, just Id like to see him following the Creed, and not being a selfish "Arse"

Thoughts and comments?
Good video game overall, not a good Assassins Creed Game.

11-18-2013, 05:48 AM
I think this was a great game! I welcomed the change from "i must kill them because i am an assassin and they templars" to "i will kill them because somethings in it for me". the problem in past assassins creed games was that there was too much blind following of the creed. altair and ezio were atleast smart enough to question what they followed but connor simply followed without question. which left a bad taste coming out of AC3, ac4 is a breath of fresh air, we play as someone who doesnt simply follow the creed ad persue templars for the sake of killing templars. it was great to finally play as someone who saw both sides of an issue before choosing a side and thats what i thimk ubisoft were aiming for and thats what they suceeded in accomplishing. Im glad haytham made a cameo appearance although i wished we'd play as him for a bit, oh well, i hope dlc can fix that!

11-18-2013, 06:12 AM
e didn't kill the templars because they were templars, it was because they had info he wanted.

Consider, though, that the ONLY game we've killed Templars purely because they were Templars was AC1. Ezio only killed them in AC2 because of their involvement in Giovanni's death. He only killed them in ACB because of their involvement with Cesare (who was not a real Templar). He only killed them in ACR because they stood between him and the Masyaf library. Connor was more predisposed than Ezio to hunting Templars for the sake of it, but most of the time he killed them because they were actively involved in something he was trying to prevent (i.e. Hickey trying to kill Washington) and spared their lives more than once when he thought their plot had been ended (i.e. Johnson, Haytham).

In short, Edward's no less a "pure" Assassin than Ezio was, and not much less of one than Connor. And AC4 is hands-down a better overall game than AC3, so I think it's a small price to pay. Besides, Edward looks like an Assassin, fights like an Assassin, and moves like an Assassin, so really, does it even matter that he was never formally told "OK, you're an Assassin now?"

11-18-2013, 06:45 AM
Assassins do not mindlessly kill Templars just because they are Templars. That's why every Assassination Contract gives you a reason why a target needs to die. Altair did simply kill because he was told to by his superior and, in the end, realized how foolish that was. I feel like most of the people that have been complaining about Black Flag don't understand what the Assassins stand for themselves.

Also, the point about Edward being an "arse" is the entire point. He's called out on it, he admits to it. It's the whole point of his character progression. You're complaining about character growth. It's the same deal with Connor. People say he's bias and thinks he knows better and makes stupid decisions. As if that wasn't pointed out in his own story. They just don't stamp it out clearly because in real life there is no right or wrong. And this series isn't keen on taking sides no matter what the majority sides with.

11-18-2013, 07:01 AM
I agree with you that ezio had a motive for vengeance at the start but in later games reguardless whom the templars served, he did hunt them and even says so, because they are templars. Connor was literally given a list ad told to kill them no questions asked, true he let johnson escape but then killed him anyhow which sealed the fate of his people at the hands of the colonists. His father was one whom he didnt kill right away but did show distate for him and never payed any attention to his side of the story. besides in the end he killed him too and lee, the veangance against lee falls apart when he realizes Washington attacked his village yet he still pursues him why? You guessed it! he's a templar. there needs to be more than just "A kills B because B is a sworn enemy in an eternal war against A" Edward is one who chose AFTER he saw what eachside had to offer. he wasnt like connor who joined and killed templars one by one like checking off grocery items or altair who killed just because his mentor ordered it (atleast altair had the balls to stand up to his mentor and question the killings, i only saw a handful of times connor argued with achilles) reguardless, edward was as great a character as his son haytham and near ezio in charm and skill which is why hes one of my favs.

In response to your last sentance, i could look like i'm chinese, have an chinese accent, know karate and fluently speak chinese but i could very well have been a citizen of America. by your quote, youd classify me as a chinese citizen just because i meet all the typical criteria. See what im getting at? it doesnt matter if an assassin wears a templar outfit or fights like a templar, if they are followers of the creed then they are assassins and same goes for the templars. edward could have looked, fought like and acted in favor of templars but we cant assume that makes him a templar now can we?