View Full Version : So, how exactly does the matching fighters system works?

11-16-2013, 10:14 PM
Right now I can only fight a on two arenas, Extremus and Mercatus, (and both of them are super boring once your guy gets a decent level) on all the other ones my figther gets killed everytime, no matter what type of gladiator I have or its overall level, I always face up guys twice the level.

I have 11 of fame at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I know theres gotta be some challenge but to face a gladiator with an overall level of 215 with a normal guy with 88 thats somehow pretty difficult. And yes, I tried just about every possible strategy, even the cowardly hit and run but against someone who hits you 3 times (well, 5 times :P) and you're dead doesn't make that much sense.

I tried to buy better armor and boots and stuff, now here I am fighting another 30 fights or so to save a decent amount of money (around 10,000) I could only buy a weapon and a pair of boots, silly me for thinking I will face the same 215 guys or a similar range guy with my shiny and new improved 130 guy, oh boy how wrong I was, I was matched with a 280 guy, of course my guy was beheaded despise all my attempts and strategies :P

I defeated the Extremus boss and spend my well earned gold recruiting him, I was soo happy that I went ahead and entered some the same arena with the 300 guy thinking it couldn't get any worst but it did :P I faced a 340 guy, my gladiator legend was killed and I just lost 7 gold :)

In resume, no matter what type of gladiator I have, I will always face guys two or even three times stronger that you.

And don't even mention the xboxlive fights, I already lost 2 good fighters because of people quitting the moment they see my gladiator, last time I even entered with a mere 30 guy, the guy in front had a 55 guy which I considered to be still a fair fight, fight was pretty even but the guy quit anyway :confused:

So, is there a way to know or to have a vague idea about the level of my opponent? I don't mind facing guys who are ridiculously stronger and faster then my guy (yeah, even if they use a two handed trident and I use daggers and we're in close range combat :P )but at least knowing about it first will be nice.

Seems like there is a big gape between the Extremus and Mercatus arenas and the other ones, there is no middle ground, the first 2 are quite easy to defeat and I assumed each arena had a steady growing rate in difficulty so when it was pretty easy to defeat the guys at the Mercatus I thought I could try my luck on the next arena, I was expecting it to be a difficult one and to lose some matches first but I honestly didn't expect to be so easily wiped out and with no alternative to even the level.

So there you have it, and no, I'm not complaining because I cannot defeat those guys, I can defeat them but is a 90% luck and 10% strategy than because of me having a fair chance to defeat them, I'm just asking if this is how the game is suppose to work, if it is then so be it, at least I will now know how it works.

02-15-2014, 07:24 PM
Do players that start Xbox LIVE Matches in the 1st district (Extremus) and 2nd district (Mercatus) at the same time get matched up?

03-25-2014, 10:16 AM
Seems to me there is a bit of a grind to this game.

I would grind out some levels and gear on the best paying arenas you can win in, buy the best gladiators you can, grind out some perks for them and work from there. Once you open up the pit there is good money to be made there if you can handle the harsh lethal conditions.

My favorite is tournaments. It doesn't matter if you suck, purchase some really crappy gladiators you don't care about for 420 silver and toss them into the fight. After a couple of fights you are at least set up for some decent rewards for being in the top 100 in the tournament, especially if you can scrape together a couple of wins. There is some nice equipment you can get if you are persistent in the tournaments as well.

I'm only level 26 at the moment and playing on Xbox. I have this on PS3 as well, is it somehow better on that system?

09-08-2014, 12:52 AM
hi guys im at lvl 22 and I must admit ive found that the odds are forever stacked against you, and just when you start kicking arse and getting confident..... BAM!! a random ultra hard opponent appears. I've been thrashing the insulae and coliseum areas for a bit now and all I can tell you is keep grinding to get the best perks, but don't use any one character too often as I found with my trident gladiator I would go into a dual daggers match and find myself facing my exact replica, I do favour my dual dagger gladiator but this is where I've messed up see, his rating is at around 370 I have SHROUD OF THE FALLEN 111, BITE OF CERBERUS, MARK OF ACHILLES 111, and either JUPITERS LUCK or APOLLOS LUCK, one of them it says only the wrath of the gods knows no end. Now just imagine if you would facing any enemy at any time and that opponent shall have either all of these perks or duplicates of either MARK OF ACHILLES 111 or SHROUD OF THE FALLEN, its getting annoying facing enemies that regenerate health as fast as I can take it away. Just for a heads up SHROUD OF THE FALLEN gives +15 to health, damage, defense. BITE OF CERBERUS when the enemy is hit with a critical hit they bleed 5% health over 5 seconds. MARK OF ACHILLES 111 grants +15 health, damage, and your gladiator regenerates 1% health per second. SO ALL I CAN SAY IS THIS..... CONTINUE TO DEFY THE ODDS AND PLACE FOOT IN YOUR ENEMIES ARSE!!!!