View Full Version : All these restrictions on using cheats make adding them pointless to begin with...

11-16-2013, 11:33 AM
Cannot be used during a mission.
Game stops saving when activated.

Those two alone already kill the point in them. Let alone you'd be finished by the time you can access all of them as getting 100% game completion is a requirement.

It's just that... by the time i'm finished and just doing free roaming now... i already have everything, and everything is all smooth sailing unless i go attack a ship and hope a large fleet comes to their aid...

I'm sure if i've proven i could finish the game the first time... it should just unlock the option on my whole profile, so even starting a new game on the second slot gives me access to use them...

As well as this limitation also makes no sense for some choices... hardcore mode.. where your health can not regenerate.. heavy stormy weather constantly putting your ship at risk, and the quirky cheat that turns all enemies into ubi-bunnies, or the one to activate cliche pirate quotes.. yippeee... i can't use them to add more challenge during an actual mission, or have quirky game play. i can only do it outside of a mission where everything is already toned down... ship battles on the seas outside of a mission are not challenging at all. the thing making them challenging during a mission the when they have multiple coming for you etc..

It just feels like i'm going to a lot of trouble to get 100% completion to unlock them all to not even have a challenging time to use them..

Would rather use hardcore mode, with epic waves and drunken state edward during a mission for the fun of it. But the way cheats were designed to be used in this.. i can't..

To which goes the question, why even add these in if it's intentionally hindered so much?

11-16-2013, 11:36 AM
It's just a bit of fun to make free roaming more crazy.

11-16-2013, 11:42 AM
It's just a bit of fun to make free roaming more crazy.

Yeah but free roaming mode is when everything is toned down anyway, and after i get 100% sync i don't think i'll be free roaming it anymore... and it's not like i can use them while i finish getting 100% because it disables saving, where even using hardcore mode is counted as cheating, or the funky ubi bunnies for my own amusement while i finish going after the last few chests/animus fragments

Even if it wasn't allowed for the first playthrough, i'd see no reason in disallowing granting access to carry them over to a new game since you've proven you could do it before..