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11-16-2013, 05:29 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong... but I seem to remember them saying that AC3: Liberation was changing the fighting mechanics as a means of optimizing it for the Vita. Which to me, sounded like the combat differed from the combat system from ACB, ACR, and AC3. They may or may not have changed other mechanics as well.

If that is true, what I'd like to know is how much they're altering the gameplay to suit consoles. I've seen the screenshot comparisons between the Vita and HD versions and it looks a LOT nicer... more vegetation, more people in the streets, better lighting and more robust colors (Vita looked murky and brown while the other one had more crisp shadows and lighting and was less...brown)

But is the game just a straight port or are they tweaking the mechanics to be more like AC3?

That said... as someone who didn't really enjoy AC3 due to it not feeling like AC to me (story was good aside from the modern section which I think they screwed the pooch on) mostly due to the two cities both looking similar to one another (when cities used to feel or at least look very different from one another) and because the cities themselves were not too fun to fee run around due to the very spacious room between buildings and how low it was. Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus, Florence, Venice, Rome, Constantinople all felt different from one another but were dense and had good verticality which I think AC3 lacked. It obviously fit the setting but despite there being a reason for it, it still doesn't change the fact that the parkour suffered from the setting. I know I'm not alone in these sentiments but I'm not sure if that reflects the greater fandom opinion of New York and Boston.

But... that in mind, I did enjoy the game while playing it but not as much as the previous games. I was spurred on more for the story than getting lost in the game world. I remember spending forever just exploring or doing side quests and in AC3... I mostly just did the main missions. But again, it was fun at the time, I just don't know how much replayability it truly has as I STILL go back to AC2, ACB, and ACR. Heck, even AC1 is a little better than the last time I tried to go back because this time I went in going "yes, it'll be repetitive. yes, it's not as good as the sequels but it was fun originally so it has to be halfway decent" and it actually worked. Is it as good as the masterful Ezio trilogy? Heck no. But it's good. So maybe AC3 just needs to grow on me but I don't think that's really the case. The cities are fairly bland and boring and everything just looks brown...previous cities had nice coloring and looked beautiful especially with the moonlight or with the sun shining...especially the likes of Venice.

AC4 seems to have found at least a decent balance with Havana looking pretty much like an AC2 city and looking fairly vertical and even Kingston which looks more like Boston.NY than Venice/Florence just looks nicer with more vibrant colors thanks to the setting being in Caribbean. AC3 also had the problem of the naval section being uninteresting to me due to feeling tacked on (you go to the Aquila, press a button, start a mission in a random piece of the ocean, fight boats, don't die, finish mission, back at the manor)... it just felt disconnected and that's on top of the issue of sailing just not being an AC'ish thing for me. It was always about the parkour and assassinations so fighting with boats just seemed "meh" to me and was made worse by the disconnect. I'm still not sold on naval stuff but now it's seamless and more integrated, it's free roam matching the foot portion of the game, you can let go of the wheel at any time I believe to walk around the boat, you can enter the boat, and you can board any enemy ship once you take their health down rather than boarding be a specific thing for certain missions. So even the naval thing looks better than AC3.

But...this is all said for the very simple question of...is AC: Liberation HD worth the buy?

It's cheaper than a console release and even cheaper than the original Vita release (20 bucks)
It's a female Assassin and a female game protagonist who doesn't wear a ridiculous and sexistly designed outfit which I think is awesome
I've gotten every AC aside from handhelds and mobile games aside from AC4 which I'm waiting to get for next gen and now this handheld is being made available for consoles
It doesn't look like a STRAIGHT port as the graphics seem to be overhauled completely. I've only seen one or two screens but those two screens looked nicer and less "various shades of brown" like AC3 was
I didn't like the cities being so spread out and low in AC3 -- it made parkour less fun. Does New Orleands suffer the same fate or is it denser than Boston or NY?

If anyone's played AC: Liberation... are the cities more fun than AC3's cities or about the same? Thanks and sorry for the long winded post haha.

11-16-2013, 06:17 AM
As far as I know, the combat system that was fit for Vista is optimized for the consoles, and apparently it will be like AC3 .
The game was originally made from the same Anvile/Next engine, but set for vita, and will be optimized for the current consoles - It is why it is called (HD)
They are adding at least 8 more missions for the HD version comparing to the Vita.
New Orleans, well is still a very attractive city..., and back in time the charm of the city was tasking place between the French and Spanish occupations, so I would say yes, it is better than Boston and New York, but still it is not Venice or Rome for the Ezio's.
I think that it is a good deal, Aveline is really an interesting character and deserve a second change to get more fans (even if it is in arcade), and I am going to get it because a new Assassin Creed is always welcome. I also like the way she can switch costumes, and it is actually a new feature that we did not see in any AC so far.
So yep, I believe it is worth the buy.

Edit: For AC3: I was reading a second time your post, and I agree with you about the cities - I believe that the cities could have been better received if they were offering a deeper concept in their design for the compensation for lack of vertical (at least for that part not for the difference in the colors).
More action in the interiors like the Templar lairs, more tricks to pass and jump for a side of a street to another, more hidden pathway though the roofs notably for avoid being seen or getting the guards on the roofs by surprise - Also the biggest problem were a way too many guards on the roofs, it would have been perhaps more interesting that they will be less guards of those roofs and that the guards be set in some strategic part of the cities only.
Also, I think that the cities would have been exploited in a better way if actually the underground was really giving to the player a payoff such as some missions, you could use the underground for going to a Templar lairs, inside a piece of landmark or going inside a home passing by the basement for opening chest, you could find useful items... In short, I wish they could release some tools or a construction set online, I will be modding that game like crazy.