View Full Version : Multiplayer Emblem?

11-14-2013, 03:46 AM
So I might just sound dumb here, but even so I would still need the answer... So. I have been unlocking new emblems for multiplayer, and it shows the " ! " as in I have new un lockables, but it is greyed out and wont let me do anything with it. What is this option exactly then, and how do I use it? Please and thank you! :)

11-14-2013, 08:01 AM
Not sure what your problem is exactly but it's definitely one of two things.

1) If you're in between matches or grouped up with friends, you can't make any edits to your personas, including to emblem. Not sure why they do it this way but...you just can't. If you want to make the change to use that emblem, you can't be in a party (a game party, not an XBL party) and you have to be not be matchmaking yet. If not that it's:

2) What you're really unlocking, in most cases anyway, isn't the emblem itself but rather the RIGHT TO PURCHASE the emblem. So if you're in there and it's greyed out but it has an exclamation mark next to it, you have to pay abstergo credits (or erudito credits if you real money is worthless to you) to actually be able to use the item.

So I'm not sure which of these is the solution to your exact probem but it's definitely one of those.