View Full Version : Assassins Creed IV Black flag not showing in my Uplay

11-12-2013, 08:46 PM
Today I redeemed the Nvidia bundle (just got a Nvidia GTX 760) of both splinter Cell and AC4 which worked fine, I was able to see splinter cell in my Uplay game list but when I looked for AC4 its not showing in my Uplay account and when I look at my order history all it is saying is order submitted with no actual instructions etc to get the game to show in Uplay so I can install it, can someone tell me how to get the game working/showing in my list please and if its a case of waiting how long until I see it many thanks!

11-12-2013, 08:49 PM
Hi there,

If you purchased in the Uplay client, it will appear automatically on Release Day - which may vary due to your country - or- if you purchased on the online store - you will get am email with both a product key and download instructions - again on release day.

If you have concerns or worries - please contact the Uplay store support team.