View Full Version : A quick question about uplay rewards and ps3 to ps4 upgrade.

11-11-2013, 04:28 AM
What happens to the rewards I've already unlocked when I upgrade to the ps4 version? Do I lose them or will I be able to claim them again?
Sorry if it's a dumb question, it's the first time I play a game with rewards on two different consoles.

11-11-2013, 04:47 AM
I'm almost certain that you will have to (re)unlock them on PS4/XB1 since it's a different system so the UPlay unlocks I doubt would carry over.

11-11-2013, 05:15 AM
But since they're linked to my account, couldn't I just re-redeem the rewards on my ps4? Like if I unlocked the themes, couldn't I simply redownload them on my ps4?