View Full Version : [Peaceful rant]Changing the language stupidity

11-10-2013, 11:38 PM
I can imagine I'm part of such a minority that nobody will actually bother to raise an eyebrow over this but although English isn't my native language, I only like to play my games in English (mainly because the translations are usually less than stellar, if not upright poor).
Anyways, after downloading the game, it automatically decided to set the language to Czech. So I went into the menu and began searching for the language settings. Nothing. So I went into the config file, found language, set it to "eng" and... nothing. So I went online, looking for a solution. I found a bunch of videos, some of which explained how to change the language. The problem was, the menu in the videos was different than what I was getting.

I'll get to the point. I would never even consider the possibility, that you'd strip the menus of such important options as language settings, and put them in only after I finish the introduction sequence. Not only do I feel absolutely stupid right now for spending nearly two hours trying to find a workaround for changing the language, I also am kinda mad about putting that much time and effort into a problem that will fix itself, right after I finish the introduction sequence. Wouldn't it be logical to let me chose my preferred language BEFORE I even start playing the game? :confused:

If anybody will actually read this and maybe even think about it, good. If not... I had to get this out anyways, because I just can't find a logical explanation or excuse for removing language options from the menu, if only for a limited period of the game.

11-11-2013, 06:20 PM
Hi and welcome to the forums, when installing you should have got the option to install in English.

This doesn't sound to be the case. There should also be a readme.txt with instructions.

If you are still having an issue then please open a ticket with Technical Support who will be able to take a look with you, the link is in my signature.