View Full Version : Custom Unlocking Equipment: Outfits, Swords, Pistols, Sails and Figureheads

11-10-2013, 10:33 AM
I love customizing my characters with the outfit, weapons that I like the best and think look the coolest. But the problem is, by the time the game allows you to unlock it, the game is already almost over. And for me, the replay value usually isn't very good because I try to find all the chests, letters, notes, and animus fragments during the first play through.
I would really like to have a choice very early on in the game which outfit I would like my character to have while I play through the game, instead of having it for the last couple levels. Another example would be is that I have beat the game In its entirety while coveting the El Impoluto's Wheel the whole time. Come to find out, you can only unlock it by completing the random community challenges which only one has just recently come up and its for an outfit. I wanted that stuff before I beat the game!

Customization is awesome! Just PLEASE let me do it very early on in the game and let ME pick which one! Thanks!