View Full Version : **Spoilers** So, the Game's "Ending"

11-09-2013, 07:16 PM
where is it exactly?

Just completed the main story, well the game chose to end the story quite suddenly for me and I am very curious as to why for the first time in the series, an AC story has no real conclusion, set up for another game to leave the player wanting more instead I am wanting...the ending?

Followed both Edward's and the modern day story closely, and it feels like something is missing, fully aware there is more SP DLC to focus on Adawale but even so, the way it just has a touching closing Scene for Edward with the hint that he will "finish that once he has dealt with this" does leave a whole lot missing between that and the credits extra scene.

Cant just be me can it..even my Edward and Blackbeard Figurines have the puzzled "thats it" look on their faces?

11-09-2013, 07:53 PM
Also, post ending, back in Abstergo tidying up loose ends, and saw in the detention cells on the screens that Sean and Rebecca were being searched for by Abstergo Security for their part in the hacking you as a player were helping them with, yet go to the lobby and Sean is just standing at his coffee stand with a whole bunch of Security nearby.

Either they dont drink hot beverages or he has finally become a stealthy Assassin :)

11-09-2013, 09:18 PM
Ending's a bit of a breadcrumb to go read the AC3 tie-in novel Forsaken. You see the 1733-1735 years for Edward in that although 1723-1733 are still unknown. Supposedly the AC4 tie-in novel is a prequel to AC4 the game so not betting on that covering those years. Seems pretty likely those years will remain a mystery. Granted, could be surprised, but not holding my breath.

As for the Shaun/Rebecca thing at the end, seems Templars in general are rather unobservant unless the Assassin's standing in front of them with a large sign saying "I'm an Assassin". :p Even then, they might misinterpret it and ignore them. Must be part of the resume to be unobservant or something. :p

Or, more realistically, it was an oversight and Shaun just wasn't removed from the lobby at the end (ie A bug). Possible, too, that they weren't aware of what Shaun looked like ... which is odd since they were looking for Shaun before. If you recall AC2, Rebecca and Shaun talk about how he joined the Order and Abstergo going after him for hacking their computers. So that begs how they didn't recognize Shaun at all from that event. Probably used an alias to get hired, but surely they keep a photo record of people on their hit lists to match against. :confused: Possible a plot point for the next game and Abstergo is well aware that's Shaun in the lobby ... but somehow I doubt that.

Think the Templars win for being the dumbest organization in history that still somehow gains power and influence. They must be really lucky. :p Assassins can't be much brighter, though, if the Templars outwit them from time to time. :o Reminds me of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in a way.

Quite a few plot holes that will likely never be closed. Probably just better not to look too much into it honestly.