View Full Version : Question: How much OPEN WORLD will be AC IV compared to FC 3 ?

11-09-2013, 12:02 AM
Hi dear AC Players,

as I have found out, that I have only fun with open world ACTION RPG (Skyrim, Gothic, Risen ... ) and Shooters (Stalker, Far Cry 2+3)
I haven't played any AC, but a friend told me now, that AC IV will be OPEN WORLD, but haven't really found any legit Information about that.

So is it OPEN WORLD, if you compare it to my mentioned games and should I consider to buy it ?

Thank you and wish you all fun with the game !

11-09-2013, 02:43 AM
AC3 and FC3 are my 2 favourite games ever. the gameplay is almost identical but with different stories (obviously ;)) viewpoints on ac3 are radio towers on FC3 and there is crafting on both plus relics and letters in FC3 while AC3 has peg leg trinkets and treasure etc etc... so assuming AC4 will be at least as good and similar gameplay to ac3... it is safe to say that if you liked FC3 as an open world type game (1 buy AC3 it is even better than farcry3 ) and 2 you will definitely like AC4 open world gameplay not to mention sea battles and puzzles in AC games and loads more...

11-09-2013, 09:32 AM
Thank you for your Kind Feedback ...
after watching some LetsPlay for AC IV , I agree, I will try it :-)

AC III even cheap now, with all DLC, will have to wait ...
and best was for me Far Cry 3 with the mod from Ziggy ... woow that is good !

Now searching for a cheap legit key for UPlay ...

SO WISH ALL PC AC Players a wounderful time in their VR World :-)