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11-08-2013, 11:30 PM
Perhaps some slight spoilers.

I think Assassins creed 4 Black Flags is a brilliant game, for now i might even say it is one of my favorite games.
Seriously, It's certainly an improvement in the series, it does a lot of things right in my opinion.

The gameplay was good, combat was i'd say the weak point, as it seems to just be AC3's system, but maybe a bit worse, but nevermind. A lot of the mechanics are pretty similar to AC3, but they are utilised much better, stealth is a much more viable option, most missions allowing you to choose how you go about it, whether you want to go pure stealth, sneaking around and not killing anyone, or if you have patience not even taking anyone out, lethal or non lethal. Or of course running in guns and swords blazing.

The naval gameplay was also very good, in someways the naval system seems a little less advanced that in AC3, but on the other hand there are some added features, and more to the point, there is more of it, having the open sea with things to do and explore was actually pretty fun, getting involved with big old sea battles in stormy seas, or preying on smaller vessels, it was all fun, i especially like how integrated the sea felt with all the islands and coves and such that are around, how you can just pull up with your ship, get out and run around some place, getting a contract, getting back on your ship and going off to do whatever, pretty fun.

General stuff like collectibles and side missions, were also pretty well done, i didn't begrudge going on a hunt for keystones, or treasure maps, and side missions like assassination and naval contracts were nice, i like the way you can take the contract and then just have it there, for you to approach in your own way and your own time.

Story, i will try not to spoil stuff here.
I loved the story, certainly one of the better written and directed stories in the series so far, if i had to have a problem with it, it would be how slow off the mark it is in terms of assassins, whilst a good story, it often seems like a story about pirates, with some little side narrative about assassins and templars. But to this i might say that it is simply approaching it from a different angle, it's giving an outside view of the assassin templar war for the most part, Every other game has featured someone who was pretty much born into the war, and funnily enough ends up becoming grandmaster of their region. This game has neither.
Edward is a brilliant character, he's not all goody goody, nor is he a complete bastard, he's presented as a self serving guy, out to get rich and have some fun, but as the story progresses you start to learn about the true reasons he does as he does (mostly done in one sequence which i liked a lot) And he does progress as a character, he gets dragged into this whole templar and assassin thing, and at first all he sees is profit, but by the end his motives are very different.
And the ending, it was emotional...

So basically, I loved AC4, one of my favourite assassins creed games to date.

EDIT: Forgot to say, the modern stuff is also good, it went back to the mystery that AC1 had, with a pretty decent "story" and decent gameplay.