View Full Version : Who else would like to be able to combine cloaks and outfits! Ac4

11-07-2013, 04:01 PM
So as I'm sure anyone who's reading this may have noticed, the option to combine purchased cloaks with custom outfit isn't available in AC4 Black Flag. Which I find disappointing and frustrating, since this game is freaking awesome! I'm curious for example as to how many players out there were looking forward to combining the Pirate Cloak with the Pirate Captains outfit only to discover this wasn't possible . The Pirate Captains Outfit seems to appear as a recolored version of the standard outfit. So would a re-skin option be of of say for example the Pirate cloak be difficult to implement? I don't know as to the technical issues involved.

As a huge fan of the AC series since the first installment with slight O.C.D tendencies, I've decided to create my first ever ever thread on any forum ever because I am interested in the feedback of the AC community at large. As well as dare I hope, potentially some feedback from Ubisoft themselves as to whether we could ever hope to see such an implementation.

I personally would be willing to pay for such an option in the form of D.L.C if it were ever made available.

I am impressed as always with the game Ubisoft has turned out. And come to think of it my posting this is slightly selfish so I would like to say good job and commendations to Ubisoft. If anyone else out there feels similar, I don't wish for any sort of uproar or outrage. Just a polite indication of your approval and support with respect and appreciation for this wonderful and the game hard work Ubisoft have put in bringing it to us.

So if you feel like it, share your opinion and either vote, leave a sign, or leave your opinion so we can show Ubisoft that we care about this game and would appreciate this fine detail be addressed, so as to go along with all the other countless fine details Ubisoft have brought to this incredible game!

11-07-2013, 04:11 PM
That never crossed my mind. I guess it's because I'm not a huge fan of the cloaks in this game but your right; The more customization in a game the better!