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11-06-2013, 09:40 PM
I've been searching the internet for an answer to this issue I've been having. I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag from Gamestop (US) for the Playstation 3. On the Wednesday after release of the game I picked it up. Well went home and looked at the codes what I had. On the Gamestop receipt was a code for some bonus points for their rewards program. Beyond that nothing else for the game.

Well I looked at the codes in the box, the Ubisoft Online Pass, Playstation 4 bonus thing for getting the game cheap, and the 60 minute Aveline DLC. Entered them all in. Played the main game, poked at the Online part but never got into it (personally think the online side is poorly put together and stupid). Soon looked around to see where my Bonus Black Island stuff was. Saw nothing. Searched the web. Okay got a location. Looked on my ingame map. No, icon. Well I just blew it off and beat the game completely and currently 85% complete. So doubled checked my codes. Even tried reentering most of them one time use as they should be.

So I decided to finally poke at Aveline DLC and beaten it. Well still got nothing out of that. So I thought I got screwed by Gamestop. Well went to them with receipts in hand as proof of my transactions and such. Went to them twice. Got two different answers and yet all sum up the only code they had was for their reward system. Yet second try got further in some idea. So entered the codes again third time (mostly the Aveline DLC) and played it again a second time.

Well still no Black Island, no Silver Pistols, no Captain Morgan Outfit, and No nothing on what I see as an empty. Yet as I tried to search for an answer. Nothing and now to post this to finally get a response. And yes I've looked at the Support page and no answer for my problem.

Or could it be my save is totally glitched and pretty much have to start all over to even get the DLC?

11-06-2013, 10:16 PM
You should have gotten a slip inside the game box that had the black island pack code to enter. You would have the black island leaflet, the uplay code leaflet, and the advertisement leaflet, and the aveline leaflet. I would go back to Gamestop to see if you can get the code from them. Or maybe put in a ticket to Ubisoft support with a copy of your receipt and picture of what came in the box.