View Full Version : They are not all bad. (Positive posts only please.)

11-06-2013, 02:41 PM
I have been seeing a gigantic wave of negative posts this last week. The truth is some of you guys never see anything good its like a cancer. So here goes, its three days after the release of Far Cry Three. I had just got a Xbox 360 six days before I had got FC3 I knew nothing about the Xbox 360. I had been fed up with Playstation 3 as my second system I had bought the disk reader kept ruining my games. So here I was with a new system and a new game I did not know much about either one at the time. So I ended up calling Ubisoft Customer Support because my UPlay code would not work. Not only did Ubisoft Customer Support teach me how to correctly redeem there code they also taught me how to use my Xbox 360. The Tech advisor was like let me walk you through how to install your internet application and pin it to your dashboard. He walked me through all that. Then he says please tell me you have a kinect. I said yes I have one and hooked it up but I do not know how to use it.He said np and walked me through that as well. Any questions I had bam he had a anwser for. So I called in for Far Cry Three and not only was I helped with that but after one hour and twenty minutes I could use my Xbox 360 like a pro. Ubisoft I wanted to get this %100 true story out and thank your entire Customer Service Team for putting in %110 on the job. Do you have a positive story to share from this company? Feel free to post it here.

11-12-2013, 08:03 PM
If you have had good Customer Service from Ubisoft please let everyone know. These extremly hard working people are here to serve all your Ubisoft problems and so much more. If you have not done so yet please read my story. ^ Thank you Ubisoft for your day in and day out dedication to your loyal game base.