View Full Version : Maybe A Bug? Question for Kenway Fleet Minigame

11-06-2013, 12:12 PM
This is my current Game Save for kenway Fleet, have All Docks, all are full with ships. None are on missions, all are home.

So, I boarded 7 Ships, send them to my fleet, When I open the Kenway Fleet Menu in the Captain Cabin, the first thing that happens, it remainds me I have some new ships to go thought.

So there are 3 choices .
- Add dock,
- Salvage ships from the fleet,
- Salvage ship

With the Blue choices I have never any problems, but the red one, when ever I tried to Salvage a SHip from the Fleet to replace it with the new one, it gave me always 3 to 5 ships that I can Salvage, even if all where home and not on missions. It never let me het to choice from all of them.

Does it happen to someone else?