View Full Version : Sequence 8 memory 2 100% sync help/advice *mild spoiler?*

11-06-2013, 02:45 AM
Ok so i beat the game already but this is the only mission I cannot fully sync whatsoever. i've been going at it for hours and I just suck so bad that I want assassinates my system lol

Anyways these are the conditions:

Vainglorious Bast.
-Damage the royal African Pearl with upgraded Ram (very do able I done this no problem)
- Use the Fort's Defenses to sink a Ship

Now I have seen a few videos and they make it look so easy, the ships willingly follow the player and then the enemy ships get shredded like paper.

Now in my case, for some reason it's like the ship are 'smart' and always stay away from the Fort. I shot them a few times just enough to get them to like 1/4 of ship strength and when by a MIRACLE they get into the fort's crosshairs......Occasionally they WILL get destroyed by the Fort......but the condition never gets checked off. It's.....sigh...really aggravating so I want to know, those of you who have cleared it to 100% what should I do? It's the only mission I need 100% for.

thanks ;)

11-06-2013, 02:08 PM
Hola SleezeRocker,

Yeah, I completed this mission - after multiple attempts. What I did was upgrade the Jackdaw even further, then sit right in front of the heavy shot being fired from the fort. (The heavy shot is only used by the parts of the fort with the Great-Wall-of-China-like walls ;) ) If you can bring the other ships between the Jackdaw and the Fort battlements, their heavy shot will take care of the enemy ships, easy.
Oh, and be sure that the enemy ships have the "KILL" icon above them (the little red teardrop), or that they're engaged in combat (when their health appears).

Good luck!

11-06-2013, 05:38 PM
Gracias! actually my cousin just helped me this morning and Oh MAN! did it do wonders. During that mission, my cousin told me to destroy the Fort. When I did and I walked in to the Castle like a boss and headshot the Captain, the conquered Fort willingly fired at the enemy ships! Oh man I felt so relived and got the 100% sync trophy :D

But thanks for the response BM ;)