View Full Version : Wet clothes effect on PS4 question

11-05-2013, 09:14 PM
After playing the ps3 version, which looks great, I can now appreciate how good the PS4 version
looks after going back and looking at all the videos again.

One thing I really love on the ps3 version is when it rains or you are in, or have just got out
of the water. Your clothes look wet and glisten in the light and it really is stunning. Even on
ps3. Walking through the rain and your wet leather armor catches the moon light :)

I have noticed from the PS4 gameplay that this does not happen. Edward stays dry as bone
even while in the water. The textures don't change and always look flat.

You can see in this video at the 5:00 min mark and various times throughout the rest
of the video.


I remember watching a preview and someone commented on the PS4 version and
how if you went it the water up to your knees or waist, your clothes only got wet up
until the water line. Sounded awesome.

Clearly that is not happening in the PS4 footage I have seen so far.

My question is will this be in the final build for PS4? It may seem minor but it
really is a stunning effect and it will stick out like a sore thumb if left out.

11-05-2013, 10:20 PM
You'll never get the fully quality of a game's looks by watching a youtube video. So I would hold judgement until you see it yourself. I mean, obviously if a game's general textures are garbage you can get a feel for it, but yeah. Also, I'm sure those next-gen versions were in some sort of beta or what not at the time of those videos being made.

Besides, this feature was in every AC starting with 2.