View Full Version : Terrible translation issue in the french version of the ending ( SPOILERS ) !

11-05-2013, 06:45 PM
In the final scene of the game when Edward is at the theater with his children, the last thing he says, in the french version at least, is :

"If my arms hurt too much, we will go drink some hot chocolate with your mother"

At the moment he says " with your mother" , Jennifer comes back and both Haytham and Edward look at her, implying that he had an incestuous relationship with her and that Haytham is Jennifer's son.

My girlfriend was watching the ending with me at this moment and she screamed " Ewwww, THAT'S DISGUSTING, HAAAAAA !!!"

But as I knew the story told in Forsaken, I immediately explained to her she was getting the wrong idea. But if I wasn't aware of the book, I would've thought the same thing.

It's kinda hilarious but at the same time, a terrible issue.

I checked out the internet to see if other players took it the wrong way as well, and indeed, it's confused many of them.

This is a case of not checking if your translation will work in its context.

11-05-2013, 07:07 PM
Yeah. Does seem a bit screwy.
When I saw the ending, I thought Jenny was Tessa for a moment, especially since Haytham apparently got retconned with his hair color ... despite his rather large part in AC3. When the one guy came up and called her a Kenway causing her to get pissed, then the Scott explanation, I realized it was Jenny. Although the Kenway/Scott thing for her came a bit out of left field. No indication of that in Forsaken. Doubt Haytham would be that oblivious to notice his sister not wanting to be a Kenway. He picked up on her dislike of him easily enough. Anyway, would've made more sense to give Tessa a model and have all 4 in that scene. Jenny got 2 models and she was only in the game for like 10 minutes, and most of it was during the credits. Was Tessa so hard to give a simple model to? Could've just given her a generic female model with a recolor of Jenny's dress or something. Even Caroline got a model and she was hardly in the game, too. Terrible pregnant model but that's another matter. Prudence used the same terrible one in AC3. Just makes them look fat, not pregnant. Tessa got the short end of the stick and ultimately made the scene a little confusing at first glance.
But, my only gripe with the game is the depiction of characters in the ending (or lack there of). The ending itself I thought was cute. I have yet to get the game (PC version can't come fast enough :(), but so far I'm not really seeing anything else in the game that makes me unhappy.

11-05-2013, 09:35 PM
The ending is a little too confusing anyway, it lacks some exposition, they didn't really say if Edward became an assassin after all, or what happened to Rogers, they could've at least SAID who Haytham's mother is.