View Full Version : Just a quick thanks/kudos to the AC4 team

11-05-2013, 09:56 AM
Very minor mostly side mission stuff mentioned.

I think that AC3 had the same issues Dragon Age 2 had. As a game? Pretty solid. Good game. Good overall gameplay. Story wasn't terrible.

But like DA2 - it was a terrible sequel and personally very disappointing to me (I was less disappointed with DA2, but, I also am not as much of a fan of DA as I am of AC).

Anyway, I feel like this game, all the stuff you can do, it's like it lived up to all the hype that AC3 got - which is ironic because AC4 didn't get nearly as much.

I also wanna thank the creative team/writers for bringing me another character that I LIKE VERY MUCH. I haven't beaten the game, I'm only on like sequence 4-5, but I love Edward's character. He might be a pirate, but he has a good sense of honor and trying to make things right - not to mention, trying to take responsibility where needed. I just helped out the assassins and am working on templar hunts - the one with the assassin and his brother, and when he gets drunk? Love it. I felt that really was a mission that spoke a lot for Edward's character and that was really cool.

I felt like Connor thought he was better than everybody and it generally made me not like him as a character, so this is a story I enjoy quite a bit more :)