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11-05-2013, 08:12 AM
Hi friends,
Here u have to write down your favorite assassins' sequentially such that the most favorite comes first and the least favorite comes last.
Same you have to do with outfits
and of course your 1 favorite game story and favorite mission(of course of assassins creed).
Like my favorite characters are as,
Ezio Auditore DA FirenZe because he uses wide variety of abilities weapons and is skilled and wise enough to be a mentor than any other assassin.
and my favorite outfit is Connors original assassin outfit(i also like captain of aquila on board outfit very much) and assassins creed relevations original outfit most.
My favorite story is off assassin creed 2(could be better if he had killed that currupt pope at the end and
favorite mission is AC3 last mission Chasing LEE.

11-05-2013, 10:03 AM
As an assassin, Alta´r. I felt he was the wisest of the ones we've been able to play (choosing purely from playable ones). He grew and learned a lot as a person, as a mentor, and as a man. I feel ultimately he was the best embodiment of the assassin ideals of all our protagonists.

As a character, bearing in mind I've not finished AC4, Ezio, because he had one of the biggest, most involved and most personal overall story arcs, and was generally a very good and likable guy.

11-05-2013, 02:47 PM
I loved Conner, his black and white view of the world around him was rather nice in a world where every thing is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy.
How ever it would have been nice to see him grow a bit, I feel the whole game he was the same guy driven by the same emotions and also just as stubborn as ever. but Ezio was a close second cause you got to watch him evolve over the course of the games.

11-05-2013, 04:26 PM
Now I'm forced to think about it... that's a really tough question.... E-Zekiel and EP3nguin both raise excellent points... Altair grew with the game as I played and as a character deserves a lot of respect. Connor although slightly naive cut through the everything to suit his own purpose and was driven by his own goals. ( I am tempted to mention Haytham Kenway as he is was a templar but still an assassin just not creed he was a good character) But Ezio was a great character, humourous, ladies man, capable of using or controlling emotions and definitely my favourite assassin but when they're all this good... the differences are so small I enjoy whichever character I'm playing at the time.