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11-05-2013, 05:18 AM
1) Instead of making us "assassinate" a target who's on the ground by kicking them not once, but twice, let us use the already existing animations to execute them. Both the hidden blade, dual wielding swords, a single sword, and even muskets have ground executions that work in a fight but do not work outside of a fight. Do not understand why we have to kick everyone.

2) Allow us the ability to switch to just one of our swords. Could be a selector right below dual wield and inbetween unarmed. Doesn't seem like it would be that hard, the animations already exist.

3) Make throwing knives pickup on walking over them. Even in bushes. If you're only going to give us one, don't make it so damn hard to uncover them under bodies and off rooves after we throw one. That, or let us have more.

4) Let us use the existing crouch animation/movement as a button, mostly for restricted areas. The only cover in this game is bushes, and the occasional corner which leaves you exposed to the half of the field of view you can't see. If you don't want people crouching in the middle of the street, then those people can just not push the button there. :rolleyes: Perhaps allow it to make musket sniper alertness fill up half as fast if we're crouched instead of standing straight up staring at him from across the way, wondering if he's going to shoot us off the roof or not. I suggest a simple click of the right bumper (for 360 at least) and let holding the right bumper still act as the simple menu. Shouldn't take away from the scope, nobody's crouching when they're driving a ship anyway.

5) The camera is putting itself in a strange position in fights. It's too far away and letting Edward move too far up the frame.

6) Allow us a button to toggle the hood on or off, and take out the dynamic hood system. For me at least it's not working correctly all the time, plus it would be infinitely cooler to do it whenever I wanted. Perhaps clicking the right thumbstick? Nobody uses the camera center anyway.

7) When Adewale leaves the ship to go be an assassin, he still talks when you go whale/shark hunting even though he's not on the ship.

8) Let us put cloaks on every variation of the default outfit. I understand it would look wierd on the legend outfit or the mayan one, but it's already on the default one, let us put them on ones that are different colors.

9) Edward pulls his hood up in cutscenes when he's not wearing an outfit that has one.

10) Connor's outfit has a hood that never moves, even when Edward tries in vain to put it down. I think Ezio and Altair's robes do this too. Why not let us press a button to choose whether to put these on too? (Even if wearing any of them makes you look incredibly conspicuous)

11) The stealth outfit's boots may be period correct, but they're ridiculous. The rest of the outfit is awesome and could do without the outrageous leg warmers.

12) The term "Community Challenge" needs to either be better explained somewhere, or the "Simulation" section of the Abstergo challenges needs to be renamed (assuming that's what Community Challenges are. There's sharing stuff in there so I assume it is)

Can't think of anything else for now. I haven't encountered any game-breaking bugs or anything hardly serious at all so far and I'm at 62% total synch. I love this game so hard. I'd just like to see some tiny changes which are admittedly fanservice. They would make the game that much better though. You guys at Ubisoft make amazing games, and I'm sure you understand and appreciate the things tiny details can do for a game.

That Watch Dogs easter egg! Blew my mind!

11-05-2013, 05:35 AM
Restore the dynamic slow-mo camera for the Air Assassination like in ACR, the actual camera is extremely boring.

Restore the AC3 viewpoint animation, it was much better than this one.

Unzoom for the leap of faith, it is useless to have a big zoom on Edward's butt. And it kills it, seriously, the Leaps of Faith sucks beacause of the super close camera.

Restore the epicness of the Hidden Blades, you completely destroyedtheir image. They little, skinny and super cheap, please bring the good old 25 cm steel breaking hidden blade.

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