View Full Version : AC4 Cities' random events, blending, and special assassin recruit abilities

11-04-2013, 04:36 PM
So far, AC4 has been an incredible game and a defining title in the series when it comes to getting most things right. I do, however have a few gripes that I wish were present in the game that we had in a way in AC3.

First off: Random events in the city. Even AC3 had cool little side quests to do in the city that could have been implemented in AC4's cities. What happened to freeing pirates from the stocks or prevent a hanging? Even the small ease dropping missions were cool.

The other thing is they took a step back in terms of blending. Edward can't lean against the wall between two people, act like he's drinking at the bar, pretend to be a beggar, etc. These blending options were great in AC3, and I'm not sure why this level of detail was removed.

Lastly, I understand the reason why edward wouldn't have assassin recruits but why not have special abilities your pirate crew can do. Having your crew dress as guards as you act as a captured pirate would fit perfectly here. Or the ambush ability where you act as a distraction while a pirate takes down the guard from no where. Even the sharpshooter one would have been cool.

These points and a few smaller ones like not being able to punch just anyone to start a fight or have the ability to reload manually before you've used all the guns are minuscule compared to all things they got right in this game. I just don't see the reason for the decisions to eliminate them.


11-04-2013, 04:44 PM
Haven't played AC4, but in general I think it's good that they do remove stuff from game to game. In the past they have had the tendency to let too much carry over imo. As for the blending that does sound a little bit like a shame, because that was an overall good idea. In the E3 demo I got the impression they had expanded on this concept.

Assassins recruit is a mechanic I have disliked a lot personally, so for me it's a good thing they scrapped it. They just couldn't handle the AI which led to in best case comical situations and in worst really annoying ones. It also broke a lot of stealth situation by introducing a win-button.

That you can't reload until you have fired all guns does sound like something they will hopefully patch.

11-04-2013, 04:55 PM
You can't have everything. Some stuff needs to go.

Though, I do miss the cool blending animations from AC3.