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11-03-2013, 07:44 PM
So. First off a lot of you people will be like "What? You actually gave a +#@+ about him?" Yes I did people. And you probaly care about him aswell a little if you clicked this topic in first instance :)

And aswell. This has SPOILERS containing all games, But mostly AC3/AC4. So be warned!

Now. Lets start the ranting shall we?

It already starts at the first game. We are given a piece of meat called a "Desmond" . We as fans dont get to know a single thing from Desmond. Only that he was a subject. Had a bloodline running in his veins of assassins. At the end we also got to know he had eagle vision and he discovered blood on the wall. (Which was Clay's) . But were we given information about it? Not a single thing! Well. As I enjoyed AC1 en saw how AC2 was going to be (The gameplay trailers) I got a copy of AC2. Desmond had gotten compared to AC1 more dialogues + he started to develop some character. In ACB you could start to play him (And with playing I mean freerunning.) and you also got to know him a bit better according to the conversations he made with Lucy / Rebecca / Shaun.

Now In ACR he was in a coma. I found that a VERY poor solution of Ubisoft. Nice problem solving. Atleast. So I tought until I saw the DLC that had come out that was called the "Lost Archive" . I watched a let's play of this.. And wow. I was quite blown away I must say.

Desmond's life was all summed up. From Childhood where he had ended up now. And how. It seems like they finally gave this "Clump of meat" something that seemed a lot like a HUMAN personality with EMOTIONS.

Also after he woke up from his coma we seemed to discover he had a Father. Or you got to know earlier. I didnt play the AC games for a while so I am not sure anymore.

In ACR and AC3 he had gotten such a big jump from the small interactive character he was. He actually was a character you could start to relate to and even get feelings about. (Just like Ezio, Connor. Altair. Etc. I wont mention Edward because I havent picked up the next game yet.)

And in AC3.. Oh those good missions. Collecting power sources by real action. From Brazil to Manhattan and back to the great temple. And dont get me wrong guys. But these missions were so awesome. I wished they were a seperate game in the Ubisoft series. .
We barely know anything about the modern assassins. Only that they are in a poor situation. (Since ACInitiates came it got better. But after the release of AC3 it still took quite some months before this was a good source of information) . Still. We didnt know a single thing how they handled. What kind of missions they did. With how many they still were. Did they still have some kind of plan that could save them? Well. We will never know.

Because AC seems to have forgotten DESMOND WAS THE MAIN PROTAGONIST . There . I said it.

Protagonists die. Altair did. Ezio did. Connor did. and also Edward will. There is not a single way they will keep living for so many years.

And they didnt make Desmond to be : KIA. . Translating to Killed in Action. No. Instead they made him die. Pushing a pedestal... Well intresting.

But what would have been more intresting if you could decide WHAT option he chose and so what the outcomes would be...

I think the idea of Desmond, his father, Shaun, and Rebecca rebuilding and repacking theirselves for a new world would have been FAR MORE INTRESTING. Then the boring line right now.

Everything would have been even again. There would still be Assassins and Templars ofcourse. But no or barely technology. Humanity would start again. Rebuilding, reshaping.

Wouldnt it have been great? Everyone would start in year 0 again. After so many tragedies everyone could relate to eachother. The old history would have been forgotten. Not a single thing would have been left proving that that history actually had "Exist" . The colloseum Ezio once roamed would have been dust, the Maysaf castle would have broken. They had to rebuilt a own history..

So . No animus to relive it right?

I think the idea of Desmond's decendants (Lets say 300 years after his death) , rebuilding the brotherhood. and changing the world. Instead of the Templars in Charge, the assassins would be. What kind of world would we live in then?

And yes, I know that there are so many theories stating "Desmond is alive" . But Ubisoft didn't value ANYTHING to him. If they WOULD bring him back it would have been only for us as fans.

So. That was it. I just wanted to share my opinion here. And there will be a lot of people saying "Desmond wasn't the main protagonist, or HOW COULD YOU GET SO ATTACHED TO HIM? "

I dont know. But what I do know that I am not the only one. Almost every Desmond related video has comments on it such as:

"Didnt they realize they killed of the main protagonist?"

"The game won't be the same without Desmond"

"Well. the AC series had their best time."

And with that I leave you. Goodbye.

11-04-2013, 01:34 PM
I think it is clever how they use the desmond bits to put breaks into the story but unlike you I am always immersed into the memory and visits to desmond or the animus are (to me) interuptions when I want to get back to the story. I usually skip the power source bits and when it gets to the 20 minute credits I end there.... I understand the story of desmond is about the how we get to play the memory sequences, but once we start... he is small part of the game and like you I wish there was another game he was in.... so you could play the modern bits and I could play the assassin uninterupted :-)