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11-03-2013, 04:10 AM
Hey all, before you burn me on the forums for saying "disappointing" let me state a few things. First off I have played all the AC games and they all have they're highs and lows. The one constant through all of them was the nice back drop storyline in and out of the animus following Desmond. When the last game ended and Desmond sacrificed himself, I knew it was coming as ubisoft said for months his story had to be wrapped up. I strongly disagreed then and after playing and completeing this game I am even more upset with the writers of this story. It has been the one constant throughout all the games that helped tie them together....you know give us a character to care about. But my god did they ever drop the ball with this mess.

I love the whole pirate thing and the graphics on the ocean are amazing. Game play and open world aspects are better than anything before(few game play quirks excluded) and god knows this character is soooooo much more likable than Connor. That dude annoyed me. AND I do really like how they wrapped up the whole storyline and gave him his daughter and new son and that he remarried. Very fitting end with no major cliff hanger. But as far as the real world story line goes outside the Animus, seriously guys.....WTF?

A no named no character employee which I don't give a damn about. Shaun and Rebecca in the story but they give really no info on anything that has happened previously. A dead Desmond body recovery video which is like a ***** slap to the face as it was the only follow up from the last game. And a fuzzy image of Juno who is too weak to do anything with a crazy hacker dude that wants her to live again. That's it.....REALLY?

This was obviously a way to show what all you guys are capable of and the Observatory was just kinda thrown in, god knows this would have been an awesome pirate game and you could have done it with out the assassins and templars. But fine, liked the story and you made it work. But when you give us and awesome open world and a good character(Seriously, way better than Connor) don't drop the ball on the outside the animus story line and that's what it felt like you did. Hacked all terminals and gathered all notes in hopes that Shaun and Rebecca would say more or I'd learn more about what happened with Desmond's death and Juno's release......but nothing???? So disappointing.

I hope for your sake they bring Desmond's essence back and place it in the tool we were for this game or at least wrap up the story lines more. Obviously we haven't seen the last of Shaun and Rebecca. And with Desmond's body still intact maybe not even him. I'm sure we'll hear from him again. But really disappointed on the lack of out Of animus story line here. It's the ones thing I've truly come to love about these games and Shaun's attitude and smart *** comments are awesome. Hook us up with more story next time please.

11-03-2013, 04:31 AM
I agree with you partly. Our character should have at least been given a name. But i did enjoy the hacking and extra trailers and stuff we found

11-03-2013, 05:14 AM
Major spoilers, OP. Don't be surprised if a mod comes after you. Even with spoilers in the title, the mods have been going after people.

The modern day character is supposed to be us. In reality, they can't really develop that story very much in the short amount of time they're given. They can't even give that character a name because, again, the character is us. They name the character, people will whine it's not them. If we chose the name, then people will whine that we should see our character and customize them. There's a line that has to be drawn. Personally, I hate the first person aspect. Those kind of games give me motion sickness. I hate first person shooters as a result. Only "shooter" I've played is the Mass Effect franchise and even that made me a touch sick because I couldn't zoom out to see more of my Shepard. And in all honestly, how attached were you to Desmond after AC1? Took time to really get to know who he was before his demise. Give Ubisoft time to develop the new modern day protagonist. They've only had one game to really set anything up and they're notorious for cliffhangers. If after 3-5 games the new protagonist is flatter than a pancake and we have no attachment to it, then I say bring out the pitchforks and torches. Now? They're just getting started. That's like sneaking into the bakery to sneak a taste of a chocolate cake only to taste the flour and whine it tastes terrible. The baker hasn't even mixed the ingredients yet or baked the cake.

Again, Ubisoft is setting the stage for future development. If Juno was ultra powerful now and got a new body, the franchise would likely be over that much faster. And if Juno did possess the player, then that means we can't play the AC4 modern protagonist going forward because it's now Juno. With Desmond, we knew what was coming. Ubisoft released a picture of Abstergo employees carrying a body bag out of the temple. We just chose not to believe Desmond was dead. Denial is a funny thing. Desmond's dead and the video showing his autopsy only proved it. Question is now where the story will go with that line going forward.

The observatory story was actually rather new. For once the story wasn't centered on an Apple of Eden. Well, AC3 only had one in ToKW, but it's nice to see a different side of the Precursors rather than just Apples and Temples. It got old. It allows for more development later like what happened to the Precursor blood vials? They vanished but surely they're somewhere. If found, those could play into the Juno story and her resurrection. Could also bring other Precursors into play rather than just Minerva vs Juno.

The modern day story has always been a rather small part of the game. The game is centered on the historical assassin, not the modern day. In advertisement, the modern day is never shown. In a 20 hour game, the modern day might be 4 hours tops. You cant expect a fully fleshed out story in that time frame. Go see a movie adapted from a book. How much is kept, changed, or cut just to make it a 120 minute movie? There's sacrifices that have to be made. The modern protagonist (us) won't be going away in the future. Not anytime soon anyway. There's more time to develop that story. If they revealed everything from the start, then where's the mystery? Where's the ah ha moment when we connect two and two together? Ubisoft is known for cliffhangers. Again, wait for a later game to really bring out your pitchfork. Only way the modern day will get any decent screen time is if they ditch the historical part, but since Assassin's Creed is known for that, it won't happen. So don't expect the modern day to be expanded too much because the historical side will suffer and that will cause complaints from those who like that side of the game. There's only so much time to write, develop, and test a game before release. Things end up on the cutting block before the end.

Not to be mean, but if you think you can do better than Ubisoft, try making your own game. It's a lot harder than it looks. Write the story, rewrite the story, design the characters, model the characters, animate the characters, build the worlds, texture everything, build the quests, cast the actors, do the voice overs, and test, test, test among other steps. All that in maybe 2-3 years. Throw in an engine change from time to time and you have to spend additional time relearning the engine. Try writing a fanfic that will take a person 20 hours to read. You might be able to write something that goes 20 hours, but is it enjoyable and engaging? Things aren't as easy as they appear.

11-03-2013, 08:28 AM
I agree with your post mostly there gaurdian but I guess I don't quite see it entirely that way. I loved the game , plan on finishing the last few achieves needed in the next coming week infact because I love all the zide quest stuff and this storyline was fun. And again graphics and gameplay is a blast. It's one of the few franchises I will always keep coming back too. Loved Mass Effect as well but the ending on the third one was such a let down(Don't disagree either, they got sued to fix it fans were so pissed....lol....that's another story though).

Anyway I get the character is us I understand that but my main point I guess I was trying to make is "Why should I care?" Following the story of Desmond and pieces of Eden and the whole Arc it has done so far, it works inside the animus and outside. But with the releases of the last few, I wanted to find out more and more about the forces that fight Abstergo and are looking for the clues in the past. With the last one synching up to 2012 doomsday it was awesome. All previous games brought us to that point with charcters and a backstory I cared about and followed. Yes the games are amazing on their own and each is their own experience. But it's the reasoning behind delving into the past and Abstergo, Assassins, and Templars, and Desmond that made the glue that held it together. Otherwise why go back in time and look for all this. Without the outside story it's just a bunch of random history viewings that certainly wouldn't make me care or wonder what happens with Juno.

The potential here is amazing and they can do so much with it. I get if this was a one shot to branch out and see what else they can do as writers, designers, and dreamers...I do. But just wish they had spent a bit more time on the outside animus experiences. Because after playing, the only thing I'm left wondering is what is happening with Juno. Where as after finishing all prior games I had like 100 questions and I wanted answers to all of them. I look forward to how this elvoves and plays out, just wish they fleshed out the backstory a bit more.

11-03-2013, 11:02 AM
I agree with what you've written.

The game was aesthetically pleasing to me and held the same design similar to AC III which was definitely one of my favourite game engines.
The storyline was honestly okay (the naval missions weren't my cup of tea though) and the future Edwards story was something I hadn't expected lol
Edward was well thought out and it was nice voyaging with Blackbeard and all of those old scullywags, but on the other hand, the modern day storyline was........ terrible.
There was no backstory whatsoever towards the main character and left us to understand that WE are the main character. I was deeply disappointed by this. I was itching throughout the whole game to know who I was whenever the game swapped back to modern day.
Once you'd finished the game, there was nothing to say what happened to Olivier, Shaun and Rebecca, which only added to the disappointment.
John was a very "complex" kind of character and he was very intriguing when I first met him. Later on, I was again disappointed by the ending of John's storyline.

The last thing that really hit me on the head was there was no further explanation as to what happened to Juno after the ending of AC III and there was no understanding of the true nature of Desmond's death.

All in all: Edwards Storyline = Very good
Modern day storyline = Pretty awful

11-03-2013, 11:53 AM
Ubisoft need the modern day storyline for when they eventually bring Assassins Creed to a close. That's why they drag it out and we get no real answers or explanations for a lot of things. Like the thing with Juno being too weak to transcend into a human vessel; that's just a plot device to drag the story out so they can make more games. I don't hate the modern day though, there's quite a bit of lore there to keep me interested.

11-03-2013, 12:03 PM
No more 1st person.