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11-02-2013, 09:29 PM
Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite franchises of all time.
I love being able to digitally visit the most beautiful cities on Earth on different historical periods and feel like I’m part of those complex, rich, dark societies. I also love the concept of assassins because they are, in a way, radical conspirators that operate rationally and for a noble cause through the controversial act of assassination.
However I feel these great ideas have been a bit misused.
What most AC games do is tell the story of the (soon to be) assassin and revolve the whole game around it. Now, I like to see the character grow and mature by being thrown into the world but I think it is time for a change. I would like to see an Assassin’s Creed game that focuses more on the society and on the Creed than on the protagonist, a less self-centered story and gameplay. I would also like an AC game that lets the player make his own choices which would affect the story and the game’s world.

Picture an AC game where you start off as an assassin. You don’t know who the ancestor is, what his /her motivations are or how he became an assassin. There is a tutorial mission but, once it is over, the player is set free to explore the world. No more tutorials, no story missions or objectives in the mini-map. There are only viewpoints and the assassin hideout icon.
Viewpoints uncover “places of interest”, pigeon coops and locations that are under assassin control.

There are two types of missions:
. Places of interest (that aim to let the player discover a darker side of the city)
. Assassination missions (these are all about finding, investigating and assassinating a given target)
All of these missions tell their own story and it is the player who decides their outcome.

Like I said, viewpoints uncover “places of interest”. These places can be anything from a window to an alley but all of them provide stories and missions of their own. So, instead of having a set of side missions and a set of main/story missions, there is simply a world to explore that will provide mission segments which will uncover hidden truths about the city and about the people who live in it. All of the mission segments (groups of, at least, 7 missions) are about the society of that time period, about shady business, about corruption, etc. but all of them have moral ambiguity and the player can choose to either side with those people which would make the assassin presence in that city stronger and the player’s pockets deeper at the cost of helping them to usurp other citizens, or to free the city from corruption and gain the respect and help from the citizens (in the form of blending groups, rioters…).
If the player lets corruption spread too much, the city will become darker and more dangerous and citizens may attack the assassin on sight.
These “businesses” will continue to flourish if the player decides to side with the people behind them which will be a source of income and will work for the assassins, helping them finding targets, interesting items, etc. On the other hand, the player will need to help them as well (take out rivals in the same business branch, teach a lesson to those who don’t pay or who try to oppose them).

The assassination missions however, must be unlocked before becoming available. This can be done in several ways. By spreading the assassin influence, business partners will help assassins to locate Templars as well as making their lives more difficult (by cutting part of their funds, by turning certain factions against them…) which will draw them out. Pigeon coops and spying on random NPCs during free roam are other ways to unlock assassination missions. By completing these assassination missions, the Templar influence will decrease which impacts the game in several ways.
The point of all this is to create an AC game that aims to encourage the player to explore the world and make his own story (rather than follow a set of “main” missions). There are tons of stories in the world and it is up to the player to find them and choose what to do instead of following the life of an assassin who makes his own choices.

Now I know there are many ideas clustered here, but I’d like to hear if you like any of them and if you think an AC game like this could work.