View Full Version : I'm not a fan of the Dynamic Hood

11-01-2013, 08:55 PM
I could totally be a fan if he put his hood up most of the time but what happens after I beat the game? No more hood? He only puts it up on missions and in restricted areas. Do restricted areas go away after you beat the game? The outfits on this game are epic but it kinda ruins it with the hood being down most of the time. Any solutions or hopes they will fix this?

11-01-2013, 10:15 PM
Please post your feedback here:

Thanks ;)

11-02-2013, 02:10 AM
please for the love of god dont you dare try to do to this game what you did to AC3, devs put the hood system in play because it went with the story and the personality of the main character of the game, just because every assassin isnt the same as altiar , ezio doesnt mean they have to all :

be the white knight,
use throwing knives
dress clean and proper
have hoods down 100% of the time.
have to have cloak
have to be in white cloth
have to have hidden guns on the assassin blades.

do i really need to go on? these characters are different, time periods are different and have different ways of thinking within the world and time periods they find themselves in.

everyone cried to devs when connor kept his hood down after the end of the game because he was "an assassin" and was going around with his face exposed to all. noone considered a moment that he was indian, the whole concept about the axe on the post to the manor and what it represented, what the cutting of his hair and leaving his hood meant for the character.

because it didnt fit the players concept of what they percieve an assassin they took away a nice feature of the game, i respect your decision but dont ruin a little bit of flare for the rest of the community because you disagree with a publishers direction with there own concept, in the end edward is a pirate so he is gonna be a pirate he wants the world to know him, he doesnt want to hide (at least thats my perception without actually having playing the game yet ((waiting on ps4)) )