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10-31-2013, 06:12 PM
did i miss something? what happened to bonnet
the last scene that i saw of him was him sailing away saying goodbye to Edward.
Then nothing, i feel like i've missed something

10-31-2013, 06:24 PM
He dies in 1718....you don't have to see everything xP

besides (don't read if you'v not finished the game)

seeing 2 charcaters die in the same year can be pretty depressing :| we already saw Blackbeard die, so..

10-31-2013, 06:43 PM
didn't know that, thanks :), they could have hinted at it maybe or did i miss that as well :P
you only see bonnet at the end of the game once again with all of Edwards other dead friends thats when i guessed that he was dead. P.S. i have'nt played the game, i watched a walkthorugh on Youtube whilst im waiting to get a PS4 next year, and seeing as it's going to be a long wait i couldn't resist :P

10-31-2013, 07:07 PM
Don't see how some events can really be spoilery since you can really just look it up on an online encyclopedia. Ubisoft may be a bit liberal at times with death dates, but they're typically not radically off.
Virtually every famous pirate that lived in the 1710s died via execution or died in combat. Anne Bonny is a bit more up in the air since no one's really sure what happened to her.

Stede Bonnet's end according to Wikipedia:
While awaiting his execution, Bonnet wrote to Governor Johnson, begging abjectly for clemency and promising to have his own arms and legs cut off as assurance that he would never again commit piracy. Charles Johnson wrote that Bonnet's visibly disintegrating mind moved many Carolinians to pity, particularly the female population, and London papers later reported that the governor delayed his execution seven times. Bonnet was eventually hanged at White Point Garden, in Charleston, on 10 December 1718.
Just showing Stede Bonnet at the end with the other dead pirates we saw in the game is enough to show he died. Seeing him fall apart in his final days would've pulled away from Blackbeard's death in the same year as well as Mary Read's not long after.There's enough death already in the game. Not everyone had to be shown and it gives people a reason to actually go look up history rather than relying strictly on what Ubisoft said happened. Carrot meet stick. :p

Besides, Edward got Stede into piracy in the game. It might have made him feel even worse to know he partially led to Stede's death at the end of the hangman's noose on top of Blackbeard's and Mary Read's deaths. The guy already goes off the deep end toward the end although he does pull back from the edge before he does anything stupid like commit suicide.

10-31-2013, 07:21 PM
wasnt there also supposed to be a bonnet outfit?

12-02-2013, 05:23 PM
There is closure in game (sort of). Trying to be vague to avoid spoilers, but this involves the level regarding the Kingston prison. If you don't immediately rattle the cage when you get the prompt, there is a dialogue between the guards. This conversation gets cut off due to what you have to do, but (weirdly), when you are near the first optional objective, you will hear the conversation continue between two different guards. This will reveal what happens to Stede Bonnet.

The first guards talk about how odd it is that Charles Vane is still in prison almost a year after his trial (which is most likely not true fact, due to the English legal system beginning their official years on March 25, not January 1*). Then, when you are near the cage where Calico Jack's bones are hanging, if you have not killed the guards, they will continue talking. Not the exact words, but close to: "Maybe he has friends looking out for him." "Or money, like Stede Bonnet." "Nope, they hanged him, too." "They did?!" "Yep. They led him to the gallows and he broke down, sobbing like a little baby." "Well, serves him right for piracy."

* Due to this calendar, it only looks like Vane was in gaol for a year, as his trial was March 22, 1720 and his execution was March 29, 1721. If you correct the year, making the start of the new year Jan 1 instead of March 25, Vane was imprisoned for about a month and was hanged about a week after his trial, just like every other captured and executed pirate of the time (excepting William Kidd, who was tried in London before the big push to end Caribbean piracy). No one else is noted to have been in gaol for more than about a month except Anne Bonny and Mary Read, for obvious reasons.