View Full Version : [PC] How to start Tyranny DLC

10-31-2013, 11:45 AM
hello everybody....

A month ago I bought the Tyranny of King Washington DLC from Uplay.. I have not been able to play it ever since. I contacted tech.support we running in circle they can not fix my problem or honestly I am not sure what to think anymore.

Can somebody help me out so I can play the dlc. I try to be short and explain what I do in a process to download and install the dlc. I am a PC user my rig is very well suitable for the game.

1, I download the dlc all 3 in separate action from Uplay where it is says in the DLC section I own the Tyranny DLC 1-2-3
2, then go Program file/Ubisoft/Ubisoftgamelauncher/cache/installer/118, 119, 120 ( this is where Uplay downloading the 3 dlc parts )
3, I open 118 folder then click Assassin's creedIII_Tyranny_Of_King_Washington_DLC_A ( 119 for B,120 for C )
4, Install wizard takes it over and I install the DLC part1 ( then part2 then part3)
5, I open my Uplay account start AC3 game. Main game menu I can see options. Single player, multiplayer, Tyranny of King Wash. Extras, Exit. Sound good, I click on Tyranny and takes me to the new window where I have to put my code in. I have 3 DLC which one I shall put in? I put the first dlc code in and I will get a message back it is already in used by another account. What is rubbish, I have one account no other and just put in the code.

I contact Upaly tech. support and they telling me somehow it is been a double entry. They release it, they say everything okay with my DLC and account. And I start again with installing, putting a code in just to have a same message about the double use. Over a month now we do this, Me and the tech support.
So I begging please, somebody help me so I can be able to play the DLC. I am sure somewhere I make a mistake but where? Tech don't see any problem, I don't have the dlc. Very frustrating and I really want to play this DLC.

My question to all of you who already finished AC3 and dlc or smart enough to identify the problem I face how did you installed it?
Please help me. Thx in advance B.D

( my english not my mother tongue, if you find it confused what I wrote pls let me know, I try to re type it)