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10-31-2013, 07:57 AM
Hello in this guide i woud just like to provide some training and info. first off I would like to talk about gear, gear is important. Gear adds health, defense and damage.Damage and health are self explanitory but defense is more misleading, usually in games defense is a stat that adds damage resistance however in this game there is a stat called damage resistance that comes with some gear. Defense inthis game resembles stamina,when you use it all up then you rbecome slow and if you take a hit while blocking and run out of defense its called breaking your defense. when your defense is broken they prettymuch get to tee off on you for a bit. rolling, dodging, taking hits while defending and attacking with your shield up all drain your defenses
Gear can have slow average or fast roll speed, roll speed in my books is a must have exspecially against level 50 atk speed demons. Rolling is used for evading though you need to know when to use it or they might just attack low. Gear also adds poor average or excellent parrying, parrying happends more often then you think and it can save your life however it mostly happends when players randomly use the same attack and it is hard to time itcorrectly or me atleast but its on my todo list, i seem todo fine with or without it.
Gear also adds many stats,use these stats tobest suit your health defense and damage setup, sometimes the weaker gear by a few points is better because of these stats and sometimes they are worth not having if it means you have to sacrifice too much of health defense or damage. Try to level up maybe it will be available in a higher piece of gear without that sacrifice. Lastly you must use these stats to best to best suit your perks aswell. For example if you have a perk that adds plus four attack speed then you can either choose to use the stat that adds plus four attack speed to go double fast or to remove the plus four attack spped stat and add plus five damage resistance cause your fast enough hutvwant to take less dmg. Or maybeyou build is all in health so the dmg resistance will make u a tank. just experiment and remember gear is very important.

Now for some battle training, Know thy enemy,basic stuff, you need to know when and how your enemy plans to kill you, soinstead of button mashing hoping your attack will hit first go learn all the moves for all the weapon types so you can learn the perfect time to strike. There is no better way to learnhow to beat a weapon type then b mastering its moves and mastering your own. So letsset youon the pa Th to master them, 3 weapon types have power attacks they are preformed by holdin x anda keys then executed apon release or waiting to long to release. These attacks are devasting if you are stunned you better mash fast because this strike hurts bad. The two handed sword the trident and the hammer can use this strike, once released nothing can stop this strike however it has weaknesses. it is slowto start and after it is done you can move in for the first strike, timing is eveything.
There are 3 weapon types who can roll forward and quickly stab this is done by presing y near the end of the roll, it gets you close range to your opponent and unless they see it coming and swing before you roll it gives you the first strike, it can be done by sword and shield trident an sper and shield. You must otry to trick your opponent when using this attack it is quick to use if you have high roll speed and after your done it you can follow up with a fast combo. rolling can also be used as a counter strike by rolling out of range of thier strikes and then attacking.

There is an invisible wall of the arena and if you get caught with your back to it you are very vulnerable to your enemy because you become trapped.

To defeat the people who use unarmed combat you must spam them without stopping, their invulnerable dropkick is very weak and they can use it but if you keep pushing forward you will out damage them even though you keep getting hit by thier drop kicks.
To defeat Two handed sword you cannot try to face Them close range because they can just punch you in th face super fast andthen tee off on you with thier forwrd xxx spam move. to defeat TH sword u have to go in for strikes in between thier combos and then get back out of range of thier punches. If you have long range moves and they use forward xxx spam thenu can just hit them while u remain out of thier range.
To defeat TH Hammer users I like to strike them before after or during thier combos at key times when thier transitionto thier next attack is the highest. Hammers are slow but powerful , exploit thier weaknesswith well timed speedy attacks, Just remeber dont fault in your timing andalso watch ou because TH hammer users can improvise ways to get the first strike on you at all ranges and if they do then the whole fight could chanfe in thier favor.
To defeat daggers simply stand a bit out of thier range when they use thier attacks and attack with whatever combo you like, Thxxat is the main reson daggers are unpopular.Watch out though because they will do whatever they can to get as close as they can to you just make sure your ut of thier range and you will be fine because they have the shortest range. They have an attack which is a 3 hit combo and when they use it thier character jumps forward constantly closing distance, this atrack is vulnerable before and after they use it.Daggers require alot of skill bedore you can use them effectivly.
To defeat spear and shield users you need to have to find the holes inbetween thier combos and strike them, blocking while geting past thier ranged strikes is efficient or you will have to trick them to get in close. They like to use thier forward xxy atack which is very quick stabing thrusts, thy like to spam this combo because can be spammed repeatedly. Try to get on the inside and use a pankration hit or a quick combo. Do not quit or hesitate because they will not stop justcause u hit them once you have to keep at it untill they realuze they need to stop spammiing. They will try to get distance but dont let them, make sure your prepared to face thier pankaration strikes.
To defeat spear you need to strike them before they can start using thier jump attacks and keep at it untill they die. If you get caught in thier jump attackspam cycle it is hard to exit so do ecerything you can tohit them firstand avoid ther attack you need to he quick because once they get airbourne thier trident is coming down at you with a possible kick to followup. keeping on top of them when they roll away to get distance to get out of combos is key. Stay on thier *** and watch out if you giv them an inch they will take a mile.
To defeat Dual swords you have to watch out for thier jump attacks, thiersliding thrusts and thier downward stabs. They are very fast close range and will take out alot of defense with thier long combos if you miss the opportunity to strike between thier combos. Thier range lacks so if you keep tge right distnce you can strike them at the same time they swing but yiu will be out of thier range. Watchout because they like to slide and thrust at you or jump attack you when your out of range of thier combos. this will close distance between you and them.They have many opportunities to strike you at seceral ranges so you must play flawlessly becuse if thier lifes not going down it will be your defense or your health going down instead.

still more to come.

12-02-2013, 04:42 PM
Too bad your on XBOX. You aint stopin my UNARMED assault.

01-12-2014, 09:30 PM
some tips are quiet good but everyone has to find his own style to win against certain classes.
anyway nice guide. :)

01-20-2014, 09:12 PM
Funny enough, I've actually used these guide as a base to learn how to use certain classes.

02-25-2014, 12:26 AM
I think the best way to beat unarmed players is dodging, and parrying. Parrying is alot easier than I thought against unarmed players since they spam the same moves alot. Also dont forget to just simply block them and then counter attack. Ive never been beaten by an unarmed opponent or even had them be difficult to defeat in any online match.

03-04-2014, 04:58 AM
Thx for posting this,found some info i didnt know even im done exc. Lv 50
but your horrible spelling sometimes makes it hard to see what button is needed for example...