View Full Version : Questions about pistols and outfits

10-30-2013, 05:17 PM
So now that I finished the main campaign, I am finally going to take the time to explore, upgrade, and buy new weapons. But I has a few questions for anyone who might be ahead in upgrading and buying weapons:

1. Is anyone else disapointed that you can not equip a different color outfit with a cloak? I want to be an all black badass with the privateer outfit and pirate cloak, but whenever I equip the cloak, it reverts the outfit underneath to the default colors. What do you guys think? If they put in the option to mix and match different color outfits and cloaks, then it would obviously only work for the different colors of the default outfit.

2. Remember in the first Havana demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-BolM9fWzM at the end there are those AWESOME pistol sound effects for the spanish officer pistols? Well, I bought them, and the sound effect of the shot is just like the normal pistol sound. Are there any pistols in the game that you guys have gotten that makes that awesome sound effect? Or are there ANY different sound effects for different pistols? Is it just because it is on current gen?

Thanks for answering in advance. Now IIII get to ask some questions!