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10-24-2013, 08:54 PM
Hey everyone !

I've recently being facing a problem with my AC III on my PC. Since I installed Windows 8.1, the game sometimes comes back to the desktop and the PC tells me I need to close AC III because I don't have enough space on my harddrive. My harddrive has 250Go empty space, so I don't understand the problem. I moved the Fraps file from my C: to my D:, and the problem is still not fixed. So I tried another recording software, Mirillis Action, and same problem happens, but I still have a lot of empty space on my disc...
Question is :
- is it a Fraps / Action problem (I don't think so because I still have the problem when Fraps isn't even on)
- is it a WIndows 8.1 problem (I didn't have the issue when I had Windows 8.0 if you can call it that way)?
- is it an AC III problem ?

It's frustrating to see the game come back to desktop or even see the game crash while I record.
Looking forward for some help !
Thanks a lot

10-24-2013, 09:30 PM

if you have updated recently and it's stopped working, that could be the issue..

best to speak to support though, they will give you some help to fix it.