View Full Version : AC4 finally about assassins creed? (somwhat spoiler for AC4)

10-23-2013, 10:59 PM
Im just wondering if the AC4 will finally actually be about Assassins Creed as opposed to AC3 where you spend the entire game wondering when the actual assassins creed stuff will start ?

Or was it just me who kept waiting for some infiltrating of templars lairs and some lore that is about the assassins vs templars ?
To me the entire game was just about being an errand boy for various americans during the war. You dont even ever get to meet any assassins (well Archillies but frankly an old man giving you ZERO training really doesnt cut it).. At least Archillies looks and sounds exacly like he was a digital version of Danny Glover.

I never got why it was SO important that Desmond had to learn to become an assassin. He never got to use any of that anyway. It felt just like UbiSoft were out of money and time and had to improvise. Which is sad when the whole setup was so fregging awsome. AC3 just really was a letdown. Not to mention that Connor have the personality of a wet piece of tissue... At least Ezio had a sense of humor and got to learn how to be an assassin as well as meeting other assassins.

10-24-2013, 12:01 AM
no one knows, after one week you can check YT vids for gameplay and see.

10-24-2013, 11:22 AM
I agree with you on America's Creed 3 - no assassins stuff, your recruits aren't assassins (some of them don't even know the templar-assassins-war exist afaik) and so on - just a random 3rd person action adventure about killing redcoats. Unfortunately I don't think this will change with AC4 :( Having a pirate (not an assassin) and a 1st person abstergo employee doesn't really help with going back to the roots...

10-25-2013, 08:03 PM
The story line isn't always that important to me... in all honesty I could quite happily do without the modern day stuff like desmond in brazil etc... (or any animus stuff etc). but other than that I've loved every tiny detail of all the games... Ezio and connor were 2 different characters and were bound to have 2 seperate identities, connor may have been quietly spoken but he still killed his father and best friend. If the story line in AC3 wasn't heavily ingrained in assassin lore... that's just where that memory went... it could have incorporated more but it didn't stop me enjoying every aspect of the gameplay, fighting, puzzles, missions, games, treasure, hunting, graphics, sound, music.everything (except unskippable credits :-) ) even now I find it hard to believe just how much gameplay was squeezed in to the campaign for such a bargain price. AC3 is the game I use to judge ALL games, do I consider it an Assassins creed game, absolutely... he may have been following his own agenda rather than assassins goals but it was a strong story and intricately weaved into a loose historical story. As for ACIV I can't wait... people are worried it's a pirate game it's not a pirate game it's an assassin game. AC3 had the sea battles which were incredible... it didn't seem like a pirate game to me and I hope Ubi got great feedback about it and have incorporated some in ACIV. As long as the gameplay in Ubi games is this strong and the campaign lengths are as great and varied as they are.... they are more than welcome to integrate the assassin/ templar theme as much or as little as they like without affecting my enjoyment of the games.
Coming from a computing background when Amiga 64 and a tape deck was cutting edge tech and loading a game involved 30 minutes of coloured lines to run a text game.... I find that, stopping to admire the peeling paint on a wooden clock or the sound as Connor runs through a wheat field or even how realistic the city looks in revelation as Ezio synchronises is amazing. I understand your desire to keep continuity in the games main theme (as do I) but I'm happy to play whatever comes my way. nothing is true everything is permitted :-)