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10-22-2013, 06:06 PM
Hey guys,

I have one big question that will affect my purchase of the game, so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with this pickle I have gotten myself into.

So a few months ago, the publisher that is responsible for Ubi games in my country announced that AC4 would come with Hungarian subtitles. Now, this truly is a nice gesture, and is appreciated by most of my fellow Hungarian gamers -most of whom do not really speak English-, and don't get me wrong, it is cool that they are trying to get their game to a wider audience and all, but please, answer me this: Will I be able to play AC4 with the original English subtitles, menus, descriptions etc, or not?

Last year when I bought AC3, I had thought I would at least be able to choose which language I wanted to play in, but little did I know, everything apart from the subtitles was set default to Hungarian, and the only other option I had, for some odd reason, was Czech. Coming to this realization really saddened me because I had hoped I would be able to experience the game much like I did with all the previous installments. But alas, I decided to suck it up, and at least play through it, cause after all, I payed for it and I was really excited about it. I have played every single AC before AC3 at least 3-4 times, if not more, but I just couldn't do it with AC3. Don't mind the bugs, or the -imho- somewhat inconsistent storyline, but everything was just so terribly translated and with no respect to the AC lore, that by the end of the game I got so fed up I immediately deleted it from my computer and hid the actual physical copy somewhere remotely safe from my fury. Yeah, okay, that might be an exaggeration.

On day one, I asked the publisher whether this was a mistake on their part or was it like this everywhere else, but they did not reply. Shortly after that I contacted Ubi support; they, at first, gave me half an answer, then did not even acknowledge me when I asked more about the matter.
In July, when AC4 was announced to be burdened with similar setbacks, I once again contacted Ubi support because -surprise!-, my publisher left me without a reply again, and they told me that they 'do not have any updates on the none released game'.

So to sum it up: I have never in my life wanted to play a game this bad, but I'm also not willing to once again expose myself to something as awful as last year's 'enhanced' version of AC3.
Does anyone have any info about this? I do really appreciate anything you have, just let me know!