View Full Version : *Important* please read: posting reviews.

10-22-2013, 12:47 AM
Hi guys,

While I understand the desire to know scores and details from magazine reviews and sites please remember these maybe exclusive to the magazine or website in question.

So any reproduction of the articles is a breach of copyright that includes scans and posting snippets.

All magazine reviews are also covered by embargoes, so they may not be allowed to be reproduced online - some people may have copies early, however that is a bonus for being a subscriber.

If you wish to know what the review says, I suggest you buy the magazine, since you are stealing sales of it, by posting these world exclusive reviews etc

Also a major factor to take into consideration, is there may be a "day one patch" - which Ubisoft would prefer reviewers install before reviewing the game, so while the game reviewed is "fit for purpose" it's not ideal if that patch is not installed.

I'm sorry but the posting of these reviews in not negotiable - and people reposting will be issued infractions.

Online reviews from websites are also covered by copyright, so, if you wish to highlight a review to others on the forums, remember the basic things you should do to help prevent any copyright theft and also prevent any lose of traffic and revenue for them:

Post a short description of the review and no more than a paragraph or so, normally the intro to it from the review [without spoilers] - you can also post the score - BUT - make sure to post a link to the full review [ this is the most important]

Do not answer questions about the review- if someone asks what did they say about.. - direct the person to the site hosting the review, where they can read it themselves, since the writer does deserve that.

I am sure you would like any original work by yourself, credited to you - so please do the same for reviewers!