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SIR Phist
10-21-2013, 06:37 PM
Developers or QA or Rebecca?
It was ingenious to make a game that surrounds the use of fictitious programming/independent system (Animus).
I've come to accept that glitches/bugs that occur while playing can be viewed as problems with the Animus, rather than the game.
I like Miss Crane. I reckon you do too. So after five complete installments of the title series, I'd imagine she'd have her "baby" running as smoothly as I expect. That is to say I'm quite disappointed when my horse stops in the middle of an empty road. It's getting more and more difficult to hold Miss Crane accountable for these mistakes. It's frustrating and damages immersion encountering these kinds of problems. So I encourage the game's developers to insist that quality assurance do better at what they're supposed to do: assure quality.

Here are some of my observations.
NPCs rendering before my very eyes (I'll do a Hastings impression and interject something here, and it'll cause you to become distracted and hopefully realize that when I want to read his database entries I want to read pertinent information first for the intel, and immersion, THEN I might be entertained by Hastings' humor, but while I'm on mission etcetera I prefer to learn what's important and stay focused; THIS is what entertains me--not Hastings.)
Is it possible to render characters beyond visual range so I do not have to watch them spawn out of thin air?

Heads Up Displays kill immersion too. Arcade games have HUDs. Simulation games do not. Playing without SSI is more fun and it is easy to do. The buttons are on my controller; I don't need them on screen too. The weapons/tools selection works great and I can easily know what I'm using by the ancestor's interface (in his hands) without looking at it in HUD form either. From game one it is plenty effortless to know how close to death/desynchronization, as the screen begins to static and redden. Notoriety is easy to keep track of enough with Shaun's updates on. The only HUD element I want to keep on are Shaun's updates. Mini-maps...
Yeah, mini-maps—make me feel like a cheater. They’re too much help.
It can go away. But without it I'm in and out of the map screen too much and I'm taken out of an assassin's flow to see if I'm going the right way. As much as I love to use visual only I can't always. So I suggest a version of Eagle Vision that gives a better sense of direction toward objectives. Is this too hard?

Auto-centering can be eliminated. This leads to movement while riding, which has its own issues. Pressing joystick fully makes the horse trot, yes? Pressing partly makes it walk. Moving a horse straight forward sees it slow to a walk. Only when I steer slightly left or right will the horse trot. I suggest taking a number from ™Rockstar’s ©Red Dead Redemption (I did my best to understand the uses of ®©™ from source http://www.tarvinart.com/topic_copyright.html, only do I claim them as a consumer, so don’t sue me and feel free to petition having this system revised) and alter horses to a movement relative control. Pressing the movement joystick forward to move forward, right to move right, left to move left provides me with the control I enjoy while observing 360 degrees with the camera joystick. As I’m constantly correcting with camera relative movement paired with the auto-centering camera, this gets frustrating for navigating urban streets without bumping into people. I’m looking behind me and must move my joystick right to steer my horse left. And aren’t assassins supposed to be aware of who is where at all times?

Please advise regarding these topics.

10-24-2013, 12:02 PM
Is it possible to render characters beyond visual range so I do not have to watch them spawn out of thin air?
Should be possible on PC and probably 'Next'-Gens, too, but the ACs where developed for X360/PS3.

Heads Up Displays kill immersion too.
Turn it off, like I did :p Unforunately the game relies heavily on the mini-map, so playing without it is very hard. That's why I think this:

So I suggest a version of Eagle Vision that gives a better sense of direction toward objectives.
is a great idea.