View Full Version : Exciteddd! Please Watch - My Very First Montage - A Final Goodbye to AC3!

10-18-2013, 11:48 PM

Before all else ... PLEASE WATCH IN HD!

This is my first EVER montage to mark the "beginning of the end" (Inceptus Finis) of AC3 and the coming of AC4. Manhunt has always been my main mode, so that's what you're going to be seeing for most of this video.

More than half of these clips were taken from the AC Veterans Manhunt Seasonal/Tournament...because triple kills against noobs are totally not as cool as double kills on competitive players. ;) The other half of the video consists of various random clips in Artifact Assault, Deathmatch, and Wanted. I can't play Assassinate, lol.

Enjoy, and please leave some feedback! :) Remember, this is my very first AC montage so don't be too harsh! Thank you all for watching.