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10-18-2013, 03:49 PM
Are the servers in europe down or something? Havnt been able to get into ACR or AC3 online for a week now, it loads for ages and then puts me in limited mode.

Internet is fine, all other online games are fine, Nat type 2, wireless.


10-18-2013, 04:17 PM
I've had the same problem for a few days. Then I found an unofficial solution somewhere on the web, and it worked like a charm. The author (can't remember who it was, sorry) of this solution said you'd have to do it every time you turn off/on your console, but I only had to do it once - guess I was lucky.
The thing is - you'd have to disconnect your psn account from uplay and reconnect it again when you start multiplayer. Easiest way to do it is to create another psn account and link it to your uplay account - that will disconnect your main psn account from uplay (can connect only one psn account at the time). You can do it in game (once you start your game on the alternative psn account, you will be prompted to sign in to uplay) or I think you could also do it on uplay website.
Then you'd have to change to your main psn account on ps3, and turn the game on. If it asks you to sign in to uplay - ignore it for now (press square) and go to multiplayer. It should ask you now about uplay - sign in and it should work.
Hope it helps :)

(Also, I think this should be in the multiplayer section of forum)

10-18-2013, 05:19 PM
I couldn't get into ACR last Saturday, but it's fine now.