View Full Version : Am i reading these posts right? the disconnect loosing gladiators issue is fixed ?

10-17-2013, 05:14 AM
This issue is not fixed in fact for me its worst because of the new tourney , its a nice addition but on more then one occasion i personally won the match then got disconnected and poof when i reconnect the gladiator is gone.

is there a fix in the works or does this company stand by its "we will forward the problem to the developers" as Ive gotten a few times.

on an unrelated but worth checking into note , you guys should check stats from time to time for cheating. Ive ran into a few players who have 1k to 2k fights and all win's , i would admit this can happen once but when you see more then one person you have to ask yourself how this may be.

this game is very good but it can be great but is slowly turning into one of the most expensive free to play games on the network

10-17-2013, 05:16 AM
oh a connection note i am using this game on a ps3 and i have cable internet , that because if disconnects i had them run a test and the up time has been 99.9 percent and zero drop off's in 30 days of testing.