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10-11-2013, 10:40 AM
I know no one who matters will ever read this but i feel that i should express my concerns for the future of the franchise.

i just finished brotherhood and moved onto 3. what i saw scared the living daylights out of me.

i am sure that the storyline is just as well written and entertaining as all the rest however within the first few minutes of play i realized i would hate the game mechanics.

Ubisoft needs to stop with the ****ing dont kill civilians ******** it was never popular and now they literally disable all hostile actions against civilians including unarmed punching.
this really needs to stop because at least in ac1-brotherhood you could do something about civilians that really pissed you off or got in your way. could you imagine ezio getting blocked by a mistral and not being able to punch him the game would literally be over in minutes as there is no way to get rid of the bastards.

sadly it gets even worse. while the combat in AC3 is much smoother they changed counter to the same key as interact as well as increasing the movement speed and response times of the character to inhuman speeds. where Ezio moved like a normal human Kenway moves like a hummingbird on crack with none of the responsiveness and agility you expect from an assassin. the camera angles during climbing were already questionable in ac2-brotherhood however they were at least playable wheras i found it nearly impossible to climb around on the ships rigging due to complete lack of visibiliy and kenways nasty habit of running straight off of a ledge unlike Ezio who at least had the common sense to hesitate.

even more hilarious is despite his appearance hyperactivity he is incapable of running inside of buildings for some reason at least during semi storyline sequences this is ****ing annoying for inpatient people the game seems to do everything in it's power to force the player do do things a certain way removing alot of the sandbox freedom in earlier titles

in all the controls and mechanics of this game are so incredibly broken at least to someone who prefers the more classic controll bindings that it makes the game unenjoyable and to be honest combat in AC3 would be far more intuitive if you brought back the original control bindings instead of trying to cram everything into one button like you did with counter while at the same time taking eagle vision and splitting it off into another key. the trick to good controll bindings is to use as few keys as possible but at the same time make sure you distribute actions evenly and intuitively across them. for example what made the combat in 2 and brotherhood so smooth was the way you used the low and high profile toggle to change between attacking and countering. what you did in AC3 was just wrong you made improvements to the engine but made the catastrophic mistake of trying to redesign game mechanics and a formula that worked so well. you failed plain and simple and it is so sad that a game series known for exceptional storyline has been rendered nearly unplayable because someone couldn't keep their grubby little hands away from the core mechanics.

so sad. but if only you had added the smoother combat animations and kept the default bindings or at least allowed players to choose in more detail how their controls were bound than the game would have been much more successful than it was. and i am truly frightened that Black flag will suffer from the same counter intuitive controls that caused me so much difficulty adjusting to AC3 gameplay

i have been a fan of the series from day one but frankly if things keep going the way they have been i might stop buying the games and just get the rest of the story by watching the cinematics on your tube as some geniuses have been chaining and editing them into movies recently

10-11-2013, 01:48 PM
"as well as increasing the movement speed and response times of the character to inhuman speeds. where Ezio moved like a normal human Kenway moves like a hummingbird on crack with none of the responsiveness and agility you expect from an assassin"

Well, a quote from Ash, the game director of ACBF, will serve justice to this little part of your rant: "You know one thing I always say is that Assassin's Creed is about credibility and authenticity, it's not simulation, it's not realism".

"Ubisoft needs to stop with the ****ing dont kill civilians ******** "

But killing them is against the creed.

10-12-2013, 07:13 AM
While I'm not anyone that matters (at least no one that matters to you) I found something that you may want to look at if you haven't already.

You mentioned:

"Ubisoft needs to stop with the ****ing dont kill civilians ******** "

While I'm not sure exactly how Ubisoft will approach this in AC4, you can get an idea of what the Devs were thinking while creating the game and the conflict of being an Assassin as well as a Pirate.

Darby Mcdevitt (Lead Script Writer) explains a bit of this dilemma in the video below. You can find the relevant parts of the video relating to your comment at the time mark 4:40


I hope this addresses this particular concern of yours.

10-13-2013, 03:41 AM
They should just let us play the game we want not hold our hands since we already have parents. its just a cheap way out when it comes to story telling. Sounds like what they need is new designers if they are spending time explaining their weird morality in a game about killing people, its in the NAME of the game. Noone cares about their morality make good games that is what we care about. I dont buy AC games to learn morals like its a bible or something I buy AC games because their fun. I dont care about not killing civilians but it does look silly how he just twirls his weapon around, I also like the consequences of killing civilians which provides immersion.

aw crap, I thought it was a pirate game, watching the dev video it clearly states there is no robbing of people, looting, plundering of cities, womanizing, burying treasure, taking other ships, drinking, its sort of a sanitized re-visioning like a family friendly version. Well lets hope it doesnt suck too much. Maybe if they spent more time explaining their philosophy with more time making the game we could have gotten something a bit more fun. It seems your a pirate for the intro then your an assassin so its not a pirate game at all :P ugh and i preordered it thinking it was a pirate game, yah got me ubisoft.

10-13-2013, 03:57 PM
the issue about movement speed is not about wether or not the game is realistic it is about the face that a character moving that fast and not hesitating at ledges is detrimental to gameplay as a whole and makes controlling the character exponentially more difficult than in earlier games. i don't give a damn about realism but i do care about game mechanic changes that effect my ability to play. i am sure after a few hours ill get better at it but it is annoying to have to relearn a game's controls from scratch every time a sequel is made.

#1 rule about sequelisation is you don't **** with things that work

10-13-2013, 11:30 PM
#1 rule about sequelisation is you don't **** with things that work

Man, I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I also played ACIII recently, and some days ago I posted a thread about how they had messed up the controls and mechanics for freerunning and combat. I've played all the games on PC with mouse / keyboard, and ACIII was almost unplayable while I didn't have a single problem with the previous games. It would be nice if on the PC version of ACIV we had at least the option to switch to the old configuration of controls...

10-14-2013, 08:05 AM
I prefer AC3 controls. They arent harder,just different, but also provide more options. The most important new thing is the ability to choose between safe and unsafe jumps. Without this treerunning would be really inconvinent
As for civilian killing, you can do this in AC3. Its not even hard to figure out how. Ubi just made it harder to do by accident which is a good thing.

10-22-2013, 08:59 PM
it's just a matter of time really... after playing all the AC games on PC, when I came to 3 I thought I wouldn't adapt... but in all honesty now when I replay the previous versions I find it difficult to adapt back to them but maybe it is because I also play farcry 3 (which is AC 3 set in the present day with a different story line ;-) ). Any way the gameplay the fighting, weapons, sneaking, puzzles and achievements (not to mention the graphics and sound effects) more than make up for changing key maps but assigning keys is always nice and as for the walking in buildings... yes it is frustrating to me as I want to run everywhere. At least in Farcry 3 you can open the map in a building and fast travel... mind you ... you can also run in buildings. But as I said the game is enormous as has huge replay-ability (right up to the credits) :-) and as you get more immersed you tend to not notice the little things.

10-24-2013, 11:39 AM
I kind of agree with your rants about controls, but the part about killing civilians and AC4 being an assassin and not a pirate game makes me sad.

You shouldn't kill civilians because you're a freakin assassin, a sort of contract killer. You're not a psychpath who tries to kill as many civilians, who are neither in the way of your objective nor doing something against you. And btw, you can kill civilians in AC3.
And why FFS do ppl expect a pure pirate game when they buy an Assassin's Creed title ​?