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10-04-2013, 03:17 PM
What is The Tournament Challenge?

The Tournament Challenge is an evolution of the older Jackpot Challenge weekly event that encourages players to experiment with new decks/heroes and discuss the possible strategies they create. These weekly tournaments are an outlet for some competitive with a focus on experimenting, creating new tactics, and having fun! With the release of Forgotten Wars, now is the perfect time to join in on theorycrafting!

Your goal is to place as high as you can in the various tournament modes (Jackpot and Swiss) using the strategies that you come up with. We highly encourage you to stream your experimenting using our new integrated Twitch.TV SDK feature! Additionally, share your results here in this thread. Did you find an awesome combination of cards that helped you place in Tier 1? Did your new strategy help you conquer multiple Swiss Tournaments? Let us know!

Interested in more competitive Duel of Champions action? Follow the latest news on the Road to Paris tournament and see who becomes the 2013 World Champion: www.roadtoparis.com

Are there prizes to be won?

Of course! On top of the prizes already included in playing tournaments, we will be awarding seals to players that participate here in the Tournament Challenge. To become eligible for extra rewards, share your experiences with the strategies you create here in this thread. Here are a few examples of ways to qualify:

• Make an awesome play during one of your games? Explain how you were able to pull it off.
• Stream your Tournament Challenge matches over the weekend and post the replays here for us to see.
• Theorycraft a new concept. Come up with a sound strategy for victory and share your results with us.

Our three favorite submissions based on decks, streams, or discussion will all earn prizes. The first place prize will be 200 Seals while the second and third place winners will both earn 100 seals each.

Challenge of the Week:


Our Challenge of the Week is to create a new Inferno deck using at least 10 cards from the new Forgotten Wars expansion. Your goal this week is to build an Inferno deck featuring at least 10 cards from the new Forgotten Wars expansion and to share your results in this thread by end of day on October 6th. The more details in your post, the better. Share your strategies and potentially win free seals! Perhaps YOU can be the person to find the next meta-changing deck!

***Please include the name of the account you would like seals credited to if you win! Thank you!***

Remember, post your experience, decks, and stream replays here in this thread for a chance to win seals! Good luck and have fun!

10-04-2013, 04:26 PM
Theorycraft entry: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/13103/ Xorm fatties, 6/1/3, aim is to summon more fatties than the opponent can handle, via either Gate to Sheogh or the Altar+Altar combo. Singularities are there to mitigate Gate of Sheogh's disadvantage, Garant's Purge to have it when You need it, Jester Imps are there to protect your fatties... Straightforward, really. Would play it if I could, see what could be cut to squeeze in Goldpiles... but I can't, so I won't.

10-04-2013, 07:11 PM
You have no way to discard singularities that I can see? Gate is not a discard.

10-04-2013, 08:48 PM
I sadly don't have the cards to try it, but i would want to try a deck with mass rage and cursed bonds

10-04-2013, 09:24 PM
I sadly don't have the cards to try it, but i would want to try a deck with mass rage and cursed bonds

You can still theorycraft for a chance to win :)

10-05-2013, 05:55 AM
For today's Jackpot Challenge of playing Inferno with at least 10 FW cards I will start by looking at some of the relevant cards.

Creatures: Hikyu is a good card and a no-brainer to include. Frenzied Maniac I think is a terrible card and not really worth a darn in any kind of deck, yuck. Demon Thrall can be used as a decent blocker but would be best suited as a defensive card, perhaps 1 or 2 in a Dhamiria Creatures deck would work. Imp Jester is probably best suited when you have other creatures you need to protect because of their value, situationally this can be a strong card I think but finding the right situation will be key. Lashing Lilim is, imo, strictly inferior to regular lilim. She could replace regular lilim just for the challenge but I would like to find a deck where I am not intentionally weakening myself. Finally Abyssal Worm seems to only really fit in a Gate deck.

Fortunes: Dunes of Madness is pretty bad, yuck. Escalating Madness might work in an Ignatius deck but even so I wouldn't include it outside of this challenge. Garden of Ecstasy is an overpriced less useful, but less vulnerable void arbiter. Gate to Sheogh of course brings to mind a gate deck. This is what my initial thought says I will play today, with either Xorm or Garant.

Ignatius is another option. You could use him for rush with firebolt and soul reaver/shadow image. However, Xorm rush is better switching from Xorm to Ignatius loses you the Xorm's hero ability as well as the starting 2 might. Switching to a random Garant you lose the prime teleport/town portal spells and gain slower, 4 cost dark spells. Both are, IMO, inferior changes. If you go with fortune for his ability that might work but I have not tested that at all really.

Spells: There really aren't any that stand out to me for Inferno, possibly fire blast? Void ripple might be ok but very expensive and Enthrall might could be used but again expensive and inferior to puppet master.

Events: FW has several strong events and these may be the easiest addition. Rise of the Nethermancer is a pretty easy way to get 4 cards in whichever deck. Week of Training would likely help any Sandalphon or Academy decks more than my Inferno deck. I see no significant benefit from Eye of the Mana Storm or Graduation Day.

So my initial thoughts are Dhamiria Creatures with 10 cards swapped out to meet the requirement. Garant/Xorm Gates deck would likely meet the 10 requirement pretty easily. The third option I see as possible is an Ignatius fortune deck to use his ability.

For Dhamiria creatures, the 10 cards I can see as possible would be: Hikyu certainly. A moon phoenix will work as well. 4 Rise of the Nethermancers brings us to 6 cards. Swapping Lilim for Lashing Lilim could bring the count to 10 but I would probably skip them, I just don't like them. Fire Blast could be used in place of Earthquake most likely for 2-4 more cards. Finally 2 or so Demon Thralls are another option.
Here is the Dhamiria deck I theorycrafted: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/13190/
I opted to not go with this because frankly I just don't enjoy playing this deck and I think this is probably an inferior version by forcing in 10 FW cards.

My next option is a Gate deck. For starters the deck would need 4 Gates and some big fatties. 4 Abyssal's, I will use only 1 worm as that is all I have. I will likely use Pit Lords to fill out my fatties. Shi No Shi requires magic and I am planning on running it with Hikyu as the only magic requirement in the deck. Fortunes to include are gold piles, gates, amnesias, and garants purge. The typical creatures for an Inferno rush will flesh it out. I will include some jester imp's to protect my fatties (hopefully) from dark magic. This one will hit 10 FW cards easily! 4 Gates, 4 Jester Imp, 1 Hikyu, 1 Worm.
Here is the Xorm Gate rush deck I theorycrafted: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/13191/

I started out with the Xorm deck and took that to 170 telo. At that point I was seeing too many Ammar decks so I switched to my Hakeem Mill deck and took that to 284 telo:

10-05-2013, 08:57 AM
This was a very fun challenge. I spent a good 30min to 1hour coming up with a concept that would revolve around some of the cards from FW that I was lucky enough to get multiple copies of.

Namely: 4x Abyssal Worms and 3x Gate to Shenogh

To get full power from the Gate I spent some wildcards to get a few more copies of Abyssal Lords, giving my deck 8 power cards of cost 6 and 7 to drop with the gate!

At first I built a deck that tried to use abilities like Towering to protect Void Arbiters and Caller's of the void while I wanted to pull with the Gate. I was able to secure the board quite well but then had trouble playing well once I had my creatures in play.

I tried to use Volunteers in this first build, another FW card, but I wasn't able to play my worm from hand even though I had 6 might and one in play when my turn ended; it only offered me creatures that were cost 3 or less!! So I think I inadvertently FOUND A BUG. Which is a shame because I *really* wanted this new FW card to work with my strategy!

My second incarnation removed Dark Wood Treants and put in Void Wraiths and more 3-cost cards to try and get the most of the limited-3 resources when my Worms were in play. I had very variable success with this deck, either I was dominating like crazy with turn 3 or 4 Lords and Worms, or dieing miserably when the gate didn't work or they managed to do a Mirror Image on my worm and just hit my hero for 8 damage! (ouch)

Dark Magic was a very big problem for this deck. I did have some discard from hand effects, and I also started with two Cosmic Singularities, but ultimately I was just not able to win more than 50% of my games on average.

The third and final major rework of this deck looked to another idea: abuse the 3-cost with fortunes heavily.

There is an underused card: Inheritance, which lets you get another 3 resources when you are at zero. Knowing that I am limited to 3 with the worm I struck on an idea...

4x Inheritence, 3x Reinforcements, 4x Forgotten Caves, And Campfire as the "finisher" if I need yet another card swapped.

This extreme draw and cycling cards when I have a worm gives me the maximum amount of chance of drawing another worm and reinforcements (or another Lord if I can reinforce it instead)

I don't own the Hero Dhamiria (many packs of HoV but remains sadly elusive), but if I did I might try building with her as the biggest problem in this deck by far is the opponent killing you with Paos and/or your own cards with fast-attacking mirror images. I played with Garant because after Dhamiria this seemed like the best second choice.

Here is the "final" version of the deck I played with:


I played 16 games on JP all together today but because of my early losses there was no way I could get high enough anymore to qualify for 5th tier.

If I had Dhamiria, this is the deck I would build:


As I think it works better, the only main disadvantage is you get your Gate one turn later because of the lower fortune (which could be significant) however the Earth Grasp is so critical to this deck working, that I think it more than makes up for it... (plus you get Earth board clearing spells! Very welcome addition to the concept...)

This deck is a ton of fun to play, but I wouldn't call it competitative; perhaps if I had Earths Grasp in here, or if Inferno had at least one card that protected a creature from Dark Magic (Arcane Ward sadly only blocks Damage, not instant deaths and making copies...)

Note: Another good card to add here might be Shi-No-Shi, since you can't put it in the discard when using the gate, and it has dark ward... unfortunatly I don't own this card yet, but it might help the deck a bit (not a huge amount, but somewhat)

(Thanks for reading! I would stream but I play on my iPad. Also I think I can only watch my replays on the PC and not on the iPad?)

(my IGN is razcrux, just like on the forums)

10-05-2013, 03:45 PM
I'd like to try this deck

My Duel of Champions user is kargos666

10-05-2013, 08:24 PM
Here's mine. Username therhh

I really made this deck heavily armed against stall decks. Garant for prime magic against shield/alter. Blind arbiters work great with this deck since you will only be generating 3 sources later on anyway, and it really hurts combo decks (especially a certain play your whole deck in one turn deck that's been popular recently :P). Chaos seer is in my opinion a really underappreciated card. It guarantees at least 1 discard so even if you lose it instantly you won't be at card disadvantage, and it also works great against stalls.

4 moon phoenixes not just for the requirement, but because since gateway makes you discard 4 cards each time, it lets you play it rather easily. Plus, it's a great choice for discarding.
Perhaps add a couple week of dead for doombringer, but then I'd have to take out the 4 paths since they could possibly ruin the combo, and imo it's not worth it since early fatties are the focus of the deck.

But really, with a good draw, gatewaying an worm then using 2 reinforcements next turn (with the help of inheritance) is absolutely a death sentence for the enemy, especially with antistalling spells.

10-06-2013, 06:00 PM
Goal: Build an Inferno deck featuring at least 10 cards from the new Forgotten Wars expansion

First we have to look at the new expansion cards, which can be used by inferno

New cards:


Abyssal Worm: 8-4-8 stats with attack anywhere and 6 might 6 resource is good but! it limited your resource production to 3 resource, this creature is vulnarable like all fat creatures to darkness and primal schools because of soul reavers and death seals and town portals and broken bridge fortune, additionally this creature is invulnarable against mirror image too since he can kill himself with his own damage, so I wont prefer this creature because of this disadvantages

Demon Thrall: 3-3-5 stats with sweep attack and cannot attack if there is no adjusted unit with 3 might 4 resource, I think this creature is ok, sweep attack is not a good ability in my opinion unless that unit is immune retalliation but 3 might requirement balances this since you can level up another stat, I prefer more pure creatures by inferno like llim or ravager, since this unit can tank and also may do some damage with a good ranged unit behind

Frenzied Maniac: This creature is a joke, it does 2 damage to your hero even in the turn you deploy this creature... for 2 damage to enemy hero there is a fortune called altar of destruction and yet your enemy does not face down his card on the top of his library... 2 resource for 3 damage looks good but hey you cannot deploy this on turn 2 if you havent start first so this maniac is not a wolf captain and playing this creature is one of the biggest mistake in inferno(there could be an interresting usage if inferno had fortunes like arena but there is not at the moment)

Hikyu, Fists of Fury: I think this creature is one of the weakest of new unique creatures of forgotten wars, for instance compating to sanctuary unique it is pretty bad, yet it is better than other fatties of this race and can be playable

Imp Jester: This is what inferno needs... 2 resource for a strong ability and 2-1-2 statted flier, but be careful using this imp, do not play this in turn 2 and lose the board, try to play this imp in the same round when you deploy an aggressive creature or when that aggressive creature is threatened, for instance play this imp if you have a ravager on the board and adar malik raises his magic to 3, so in the next turn he cant target your ravager with soul reaver, mirror image or with fireballs, also combination with day of sanctuary brings you complete non-targetableness

Lashing Llim: This is a good creature with immune retalliation and 2 sweep attack, so strong since it can be boosted by innerfire and with 2 retal, and 6 HP it is a good tank, definately worth for 4 cost and a good combo with dementeds

Fire Spells:

Fiery Death: 2 cost for 2damage if you *can* kill a unit, meeeh, I wont play this, this is a crap spell, I would rather play a DA or succubus on the board

Fire Blast: 3 cost for a 2 line damage, I was not using ice spikes too, overcost for 2 damage, this game is played turn by turn, since the first point of this game is board control and in no turn of this game enemy does have 4 melee or ranged side by side while you have 4 unit facing against them, either you and your opponent are killing each others creatures on the same raw and there is less creatures on the board, or you and your opponent may place your creatures in different raws and doing dps race and none of this situation can be saved by this spell :) (dont say unless DA because DA's die to anything and they can finish you off until you have 3 magic, unless you cant blocked or killed them already)

Mass Rage: an interresting usage and a fun spell, yet is is vulnarable to water (focused mind) light(divine intervention and cleansing light) and primal( dispells etc...) but still can be the main card of a strategy with combining darkness spell cursed bound and cursed chains or with light of tomorrow and void wraiths

Darkness Spells:

Cursed Bound: It is not a good spell alone, it needs some combo, consider this spell like weakness, enemy may not attack and can be use that creature as meatshield or he may attack in his finishin blow, or he may not care for the spell in order to board controlling if he has full or high HP

Enthrall: It can me a good spell if requirement was 5 magic 5 reource but unfortunately it wants 6 magic, since it is not good for me since it is an enchantment and ongoing spell, I can give 1 more resource

Shared Agony: 2 resource is way too high for this, this is a crap card, not useful, the best usage for using this card is playing this on a creature damage> or = HP but even if it kills that creature, like DA and juggernaut, it may still attack, one or two firebolt is still better, this is the "new agony spell" of darkness and sentenced to being a non playable card

Primal Spells:

Nether Soul: This is anather useless card, 3 magic and cost and you make the creatures retalliation and attack to 0 and the attackers take 2 damage if they hit that creature,
for enchanting your own creature simply fire shield is better to reflect their own damage, which creature has lesser damage than 2 nowadays? DA is 8 wildcards guys!!! and for enchanting enemy creature for 3 cost... holy mother of god I couldnt predict what Im gonna say, yes even death seal is better, who wants a meat shield with 2 damage return after using 3 resoure

Spirited Away: 2 magic and 2 resource is meeeh, I dont know, can be used in a belias deck for surprising finishes, enchanting enemy shooter with this and attack enemy hero, there is no other good usage came to my mind

Void Ripple: 6 magic and 6 cost and banishing anycard from the game... It is a very good card, do not think it as soul reaver, it can banish! atropos or a stone shield or an altar of shadows.... its multi-functioning and definately one of the best spells in the game

Earth Spells:

Deep Roots: 4 cost 4 magic all melees are anchored so since they gain might of nature and taking half damage, they are now immune to outmanuever and townportal and broken bridge, hurraaay!!! but might of nature is 4 cost and this is 4 cost too, so they are 8 cost together and from turn 2 to turn 6 there is 20 resources in total and since might of nature is better than this and you want to play it first, this card is sooooooo late game card and I dont know if anyone needs it in his deck

Mass Earth Bound: 4 cost for 1 turn anchored? go away!!!

Sand Shield: 2 cost for blocking 1 damage on a creature? not every hero is ammar broooo....

Inferno Fortunes:

Dunes of Madness: this card is just not good, you two discard 2 cards yet you add this card o your deck and loose this card too and give resource for it, I prefer more board effective cards, not my type

Escalating Madness: Cumulative discard card hmm... and it depends on other discalating madnesses in graveyard, I wouldnt play this card since it is not a board effective card and since graveyards can be banished by events, so another bad fortune for inferno...

Garden of Extacy:for 5 cost and 3 fortune requirement a one sided void arbiter effect.... hmmm the only way to make me add this card to my deck is, giving me the phone number of the succubus in the picture ( and yes I like boobs like any men :O)

Gate to Sheogh: Sooo lets talk about buisiness :) this is a great great great fortune and for 3 resource and 3 fortune you can play one of next 5 cards and with some fat creatures Im sure it would be a nice creature for everyone in every deck, this is one of the best fortune cards I've ever seen

Neutral Fortunes:

Black Fang Extorsion: a fortune that makes every creatures resource requirement at least 3, with 1 resource and 2 fortune cost... hmmm can be used by seekers in turn 1 and 2 to prevent his opponent to place any creatures or can be used by stall decks in order to playing without week of austerity event, not bad, not good, waiting being one day in one of the top decks :)

Cosmic Singularity: This card is sick, just sick, it gives everycard in graveyard to players library when discarded and you can discard it by yourself to by using hero abilities like belias with the "discard a card draw a card event" or maybe when you use the gate to sheogh and select a fat creature and when sending the rest to your graveyard including this card

Fortune Telling: 4 resource, draw 3 card than banish 2 of them, so what is the difference between stone of enlightment and this? it requires 2 fortune, so... no pain no gain :) can be a good combo card maybe in some day

Full Moon: Add all the creatures from the graveyard to your library for both players for 3 fortune and 2 resource, this card is powerful I think and anti mill, no requirements like have to be banishing like cosmic singularity but it gaves back only creatures back, so it is for creature based might&fortune decks or an anticard for milling as I said, good card

Second Chance: 3 fortune and 3 resource to bring back a fallen creature on the top of your library... can be used good by fat creature decks and can be a good combo with altar of wishes too, altar+second chance= 5 cost to bring back a fallen creature( it is like exactly the fortune version of resurrection but it requires 2 cards instead, worst than resurrection)

Time of Need: a unique epic fortune that that lets you search an another unique card and play it for free for 2 might 2 magic and 2 fortune and 7 resource!!! First there is phrias on the picture and it is funny that we havent noticed phrias was so fortunate hero :) second I may prefer send one of my unique cards to my library and gain 7 resources!!!!!! seriously devs, it may be neutral fortune and yes making a fortune for all races without disrupting the balance is hard but, what is this?!!!! (I know this card may have usage but in my opinion it does not deserve to be a unique epic card)

Volunteers: For 3 resource and 3 fortune, both players can play one creature for free, another card to encourage players to use fat creatures but this card make the board worst than before if his opponent has a fat creature too, its an ok fortune to me

So after this one by one analyzing I would play a garant deck with gate to sheogh

here is the deck:


unfortunately I have only 1 gate to sheogh but this deck seems strong in theory to me

1 - it has 3 gold piles since this is against 1st starting and with mulligan it has a better chance to play maniac,
2 - it has twelve 2 resourced creatures and for turn 2 it is not bad
3 - it has 12 shooters, 17 melee and 5 flier creatures which seems good melee/range balanced
4 - it has 34 creatures and 16 fortunes and it has a well balance on "creature/surprise cards(fortune or magic)" I think
5 - the reason I choose garant is just because he is a seeker and because of that this deck can play as a normal creature deck and can play gate to sheogh in any turn by levelling up the fortune
6 - You search for a hand without so much fatties on start and with the help of gate to sheogh you can place fat creatures from the library
7 - You can use altar of destructions to put your fat creature face down on the top of your library, in order to use them for 2 cost with altar of wishes too
8 - I choose my events manastorm and day of the sanctuary because manastorm can make area spells delay 1 turn and forces the opponent to block and waste creatures too or your opponent takes additional damage, the day of sanctuary is good for fat creatures and especially good to make jester imp non targetable, and since jester imp makes the other creatures non-targetable you will fear only from non-target spells like earthquake, insect swarm and forbidden flame, I did not add blind arbiters for ammars because I think this deck can rush him before his combo
9-when discarding cosmic singularity with gate to sheogh it adds your graveyard to your library, therefore it makes the chance of losing many fatties in 1 gate to sheogh too

And the last I would add "reinforcements" too maybe but I cant try this deck and I would add some dispells maybe against stone shield of ammars

it is a bit :P long but thanks for who readed this :)

10-06-2013, 06:44 PM
Instead of Gate to Sheogh, i really wanted to focus on the Mass Rage.

This card is good with the right combination.


Lets talk about the deck i made.

First, events. Week of Austerity and Celebrations may be the best for this type of deck. While trying to deal some damage to opponent hero, WoA makes deploying creature really hard. So that may give you a breathing room you will need.

If things getting out of control, you can always use Forbidden flame, and Go up to 6 magic for armageddon. Till you go for armageddon, you can try to block with your creatures.

I took another new card.

This because there are lots of spells that makes a creature Anchored and you can not use Town Portals to open a lane. With this card you dont need to open the lane. You make the shooter in the lane "Phased", and you will be free to attack his hero. The deck was lacking some "Surprises". This is why i add this card.

I preferred


Because it has really good hp, and you can use it's towering ability if you have a scubbus in play. The point is, making the shooter in front of you as "Phased" and prevent your shooter from dying with the help of "Towering" ability and try to deal damage to opponent.

The Main Combo the deck has is,,

http://www.mmdoc.net/images/cards/small/Mass-Rage.png Withhttp://www.mmdoc.net/images/cards/small/Cursed-Bound.pnghttp://www.mmdoc.net/images/cards/small/Void-Wraith.png

The main point here is, making opponent hero to kill himself. With the help of Mass rage, making him to kill Void Wraiths and Deal himself some damage with Cursed Bound.

Altar's are finishers and, to make myself feel safe, I take garant's purge to purge most likely their Pao's, and Halls of Amnesia's for his Dispels.

EDIT : If I win, my DoC name is same with my forum name. "Quarison"

10-06-2013, 08:31 PM
DECK BUILD: http://www.mmdoc.net/show_deck/13591/


Build an Inferno deck centered on the strongest creature card in the game – the Abyssal Worms (or as I like to call them, Xorm Juniors…you can see the family resemblance pretty easily when you zoom in).
This will be a family deck meant to bring Xorm, Champion of the Abyss and the kids closer together by allowing them see what daddy does for work and maybe even chipping in a little. Also, this deck happens to use 25 Forgotten Realms cards because the synergies work, not because of the 10+ requirement.


This deck tries to put the Abyssal Worm (AB) in play as quickly and as often as possible, and then protect it once it’s on the board. Centered on deploying the AB for free via the Gate of Sheogh, Altar of Asha, and Time of Need, this deck then churns/mills the process quicker every time using Cosmic Singularity. The beauty is that every cycle the chances of selecting the correct cards are increased since Revised Tactics and Moon Phoenix allow us to banish all cards that are no longer useful.



Xorm – 2 Might, 0 spells, and 1 destiny work great for this deck. The added fact we can increase damage by 1 for our Melee creatures is a nice bonus since 2 attacks from an AB could deal out an impressive 18 points of damage. Belias gets an honorable mention due to his discard ability and is still a viable for this build, but since we don’t use spells his extra school of magic is wasted.


Day of Sanctuary - Here to help us protect AB from spells, but especially the insta-death/mirror image spells (Necro decks, I’m looking at you).
Mana Storm - Included because we don`t use spells so this allows us to poop, just a little, on the decks that do.


Manic and Demented - Exist for the sole purpose of getting on the board and blocking shots during what is sure to be a rough early phase. If they deal damage or kill something, well hey, they`ll probably get a bonus later on in the game…in the form of getting banished by Moon Phoenix and Revised Tactics.

Imp Jester – Body blocking spells all day long with `dat fancy devil lollipop.

Frenzied Maniac – Think of this guy as the hands-on manager. He actually gets to create a little havoc and cause some damage where the previous 3 are just there to take a beating. We can actually put him out starting in round 2 to soften things up, but since we take 2 damage to our hero on that first turn we are only going to use only 2 in our build.
Lurker in the Dark – Body blocking, but with style.

Soothsayer – Creepy old dude, but useful for pulling out Altar of Asha, and Time of Need. I know what you’re thinking, 3 is a bit much for 2 unique spells. Well, I say no to you! Cosmic singularity will allow us 3 more chances each cycle at those cards later in the game when we will actually have the resources of playing them.

Moon Phoenix – Being able to place it on the board is nice, but we are really using this card to trim our deck as we cycle through it and remove those cards that become meaningless. The 2 spell cost is going to be hard to pull off in the first cycle so this card really comes into play later on. We only need 2 since they keep coming back.

Abyssal Worm – You know, just a filler card with 8 damage and attack anywhere and the whole crux of this build. It could be substituted with Pao Death Seeker’s useless cousin, Pao Hunter, if you feel bad for him and don’t mind losing most of your games.

Doom Bringer – Our only way to clear the board. Luckily, with Gate of Sheogh and Time of Need he becomes easier to put on the board. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to insta-kill him to clear the board. It’s possible to include to Week of the Dead just for him.

Hikyu, Fists of Fury – Meh, he’s unique, dislikes shirts and loves leather pants so he made the cut. He can do decent damage, attack anywhere, immune to retaliation, and adds +1 dmg to someone else*cough* Abyssal Worm *cough*. He also becomes very useful in clearing a path for AB.


Here’s some magic for you, I made all of the spells disappear out of this deck. We don’t use them, but honorable mentions to Firebolt.


Revised Tactics – A great card for us since it addresses our 2 main weaknesses, lack of cards and lack of resources. It only costs 1 resource and allows us to draw a card while trimming our deck of everything that isn’t going to put an AB on the board. In theory, we could eliminate 12 cards per cycle dramatically increasing the likelihood of us drawing a combo that will birth an AB right in front of our eyes.

Cosmic Realignment – I don’t like my hand or I’m running low on cards…well, bam, you’re not anymore. It’s great to help put cards in your graveyard for Moon Phoenix or an AB for Altar of Asha. Don’t worry about losing those cards either because…

Cosmic Singularity - …they’ll be coming right back with this bad boy, assuming you have one these when you do a Cosmic Realignment. Unfortunately, you need to make sure that’s the combo you perform otherwise you won’t be getting another shot at those cards which is pretty key.

Gate of Sheogh – Our main card to put an AB on the board. During our first cycle we will need to be very lucky to draw an AB, but later on the probabilities will become very high.

Altar of Asha – Someone kill one of the 4 Xorm Jrs or Cosmic Realignment forced you to discard one? No worries, this cards puts them back in play, or kills something you don’t like on the other side of the board.

Time of Need – We stacked every worthy Unique just for this card. You can now decide if you want to revive a creature (Altar), kill a creature (Altar), kill all creatures (Doom Bringer), or just put man-Psylocke (Hikyu) on the board. Did I mention that with Cosmic Singularities and Soothsayers you get to do that more than once? Try to ignore the fact it has a requirement of 7 Resources and 2 Magic.

Cartographer – No, you read that right. Yes, it’s the card that bumps your Fortune up by 1. Yup, the one that you used in your pre-100 ELO days, and when I say used I mean you had it in your deck but you never actually played it. There’s a reason I saved this for last – 1) because it’s a crappy card and 2) because I include 4 of said crappy card. The sole purpose of this card is to get you to 4 Fortune as fast as possible. In the early part of the game, you can afford for the enemy to have a free shot so you raise your Fortune by 1 and you spend 2 Resources to raise it again. It also helps you focus on Might to try and last those turbulent first rounds or Magic for Moon Phoenix and Time of Need. Once that’s done, trim these suckers with Revised Tactics and Moon Phoenix. You could also make a case for Higher Learning, but a cost of 4 is steep and impossible when you have an AB on the board. If you really hate both of those cards, Gold Pile or Inheritance are worthy considerations. If Inheritance didn’t have the 0 Resource requirement, it would easily make this deck.


So...I'm short about half a deck, so I have no idea of how well the theory above translates into gameplay. My main worries for this deck are board clearing spells, and the deck's inability to eliminate targets so we can do straight damage. Since we can't do spells, other Attack Anywhere creatures would have to come into play.

10-06-2013, 08:54 PM
Gate does not trigger singularity so you have 2 wasted slots in your deck.

10-08-2013, 01:44 AM
Gate does not trigger singularity so you have 2 wasted slots in your deck.

Gate just sends the other 4 cards to the graveyard, and we would hate if it did otherwise since that would waste our singularities. Cosmic Realignment is our only means of discarding unless we include Day of Fortune or use Belias as our hero.

If it's still valid, the name of my account is the same as in the post: LittleDevilz.

10-08-2013, 04:05 PM
Hey guys! Thanks as always for theorycrafting and playing in the challenge. Here are the selected winners for the week:

1st: Quarison (200 seals)
2nd: razcrux (100 seals)
3rd: Infernal_Wisdom (100 seals)

Congrats guys! Stay tuned for another chance to win later this week :)

10-08-2013, 06:56 PM
Hey guys! Thanks as always for theorycrafting and playing in the challenge. Here are the selected winners for the week:

1st: Quarison (200 seals)
2nd: razcrux (100 seals)
3rd: Infernal_Wisdom (100 seals)

Congrats guys! Stay tuned for another chance to win later this week :)

thx jason theorycrafting is fun for us too and new players may learn different strategies from here
and also I see I didn't wrote my IGN but it is the same "Infernal_Wisdom" :)

hope to see next challange :)

10-08-2013, 07:35 PM
Thanks Jason!

10-09-2013, 09:40 AM
Hey guys! Thanks as always for theorycrafting and playing in the challenge. Here are the selected winners for the week:

1st: Quarison (200 seals)
2nd: razcrux (100 seals)
3rd: Infernal_Wisdom (100 seals)

Congrats guys! Stay tuned for another chance to win later this week :)

Thanks Jason. Theorycrafting is real fun, trying to find new combos, new strategies or new synergies.

Looking forward to participating in new challange.