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09-27-2013, 06:42 AM
I'm just new and didn't used my seals even though Forgotten Wars is already out. I'm just not sure what to buy.

I only have 1.4k seals but it's already enough to buy 10 packs on 1 of any expansion currently available. The question now is what to buy.
Of course it will depend on your faction, how you play and what is your focus/goal when a duel starts.

I'm using a Necropolis faction and I want to focus mainly on that faction (even if there's a new faction from the other expansions)

Can you point out what packs should I buy to help out my Necro deck?
I will rethink each suggestions. Thanks in advance.

09-27-2013, 09:21 AM
Hi buddy and welcome to MMDoC and the forums!!!

Since you are new I strongly recommend you to go for base set cards, i.e. "The Box". If you still want to buy cards from expansions, then I feel Herald of the Void will be the best for necro.
And a tip since you are new: Do use the free codes available. They help you a lot at the start.
Hope you enjoy the game. :D

09-27-2013, 12:34 PM
I'm going to go against JitSunny here and recommend you use your gold for Reinforcement packs and use your seals for Herald of the Void. Necros get a few very good creatures out of Herald of the Void, namely Decay Spotters and Untamed Wraiths. You might even get Adar Malik, one of the best heroes in the game!

Then, after you buy some reinforcement packs with gold and a Herald box, use your wildcards on a few staples from the base set--Soul Reavers, Pao Deathseekers, and an Atropos.

Then you should be pretty loaded up! :D

09-27-2013, 04:48 PM
And I'm going to go against the advice given here. The problem with boxes is that what you get is random. 10 packs of cards will have something useful for you, maybe. I recommmend Forgotten Wars box anyway, even though you won't get any good cards. Why, you ask? Because that box has a massive number of wildcards in it. 37 to be exact, with 37 wildcards you could buy atropos and 2 banshees, or stack up on soulreavers or anything you could ever imagine wanting from the base set. In fact, buying 2 Forgotten Wars boxes would give you more then enough wildcards to get all cards from the base set you would ever want, leaving you gold to spend on the Herald packs.

09-27-2013, 04:57 PM
every single of your gold should be spent on the normal 12500 gold reinforcement packs.

it is my opinion that, since you get way more wildcards from it ( wildcards are an extremely valuable resource you can use to buy single cards directly), it's now better than a regular " the box" even for a new player.
think about it: he will still get a good share of cards for his faction ( instead of 50% sanctuary 50% academy from the other 2 expansions), of course slightly less relevant than the ones you could find in the base set, but you get like 7 extra wildcards. you can buy a ******* dark assasin from that! it's really strong in any deck when you are a beginner.

i am playing from 20 days and the base set is already starting to look boring " i already have 6 of that commons and 3 of that uncommons, i don't need another one". inefficient.
even if you still think base set box is remain slightly better at the start, spending seals exclusively on other factions will pay off later and you will "regret" spending seals on base set as it's already the best deal for your golds.
that's what i plan telling every new player.

all i just said it's true only if "the box" packs don't give 1 guaranteed wildcards each, in that case it will remain better than herald of the void. does anyone know that?

this argument isn't necessary for necropolis however: herald of the void contains really good cards for necro.

decay spitter is the best uncommon for necropolis and soul consuming lich is fun too.

remember to look up free promo codes and redeem them for bonus stuff.

09-27-2013, 05:57 PM
Looking at it from Wildcards point of view, FW box is the best. But for new players the cards wont be helpful and neither will you get good necro cards. You'll have to completely depend on Wildcard to get your better cards as 12500 for every reinforcement pack will take some time to build a good deck. And yes, HoTV has best cards for necro and as Shippal rightly said, best hero too.

09-28-2013, 05:00 AM
Thanks for the advice guys. I really appreciate it.
I'm a free player and I don't want to rush things - at least I get a feel to all the possible ideas I can get.
I'll stick with Shippal's advice. No offense to others.

I just don't feel buying the FW just because it has many wildcards. I can farm the gold easily. (just found a way to farm it for free)
The game is still new and doesn't have much cards yet. I was planning on making an animator deck base from MTG. But it only have cards that retrieve the creature from grave to hand.

Anyways, thanks for the advice.
I want to ask few more, please answer:
1. Do you usually lose ELO pts by forfeiting/leaving a game or fight the player at least a few turns then leave?
2. Is there a range on the ELO when fighting someone? I mean, less ELO should mean you shouldn't be able to fight off higher ELO players right?